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I'm Giorgia, a life purpose and business coach. I help you find your calling and turn it into a business, so you can make the impact you were born to make.

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stop negative self-talk 05

5 Simple Ways To Stop Negative Self-Talk Once And For All



How many times a day do you engage in negative self-talk? “I’ll never have a successful business. I’m too flaky to stick to it, anyway.” “I’m too fat to do Youtube videos.” “I keep jumping from one thing to another all the time. I can never finish anything.” “I’m a jack of all trades, but […]

multi-passionate calling myths 02

5 Myths About Your Calling Multi-Passionates Need To Stop Believing Right Now


Life Purpose

Do multi-passionates have a calling? I know you want to do something meaningful with your life. You have passions and talents you want to use to help others. You just can’t decide how. Picking one thing – any one thing – feels like settling. You know in a few years you’ll be bored and want […]

how to decide which projects to focus on 05

How To Decide Which Project To Focus On As A Multi-Passionate



Have you ever wished there were 48 hours in a day so you could finally work on all the projects that interest you? As a multi-passionate, there’s always a new shiny idea popping into your brain, a new hobby to take on, a new business direction to explore.  You’re spinning your wheels trying to pick […]

can't choose wrong 02

You Can’t Choose Wrong


Life Purpose

Should I be a health coach or a writer?  Build a digital marketing agency or specialise in FB ads?  Start a cooking Youtube channel, illustrate children’s books, organise online events, or become a fitness instructor? You keep spinning your wheels for YEARS trying to pick your one true passion and then… do nothing.  What if […]

make money doing only what you love 04

Can You Make Money Doing Only The Things You Love?



Can you make money doing ONLY the things you love? As a multi-passionate creative who’s spent the past decade turning every passion I have into a business, I KNOW you can make money from doing what you love. The catch?  Doing what you love comes with a big side dish of crap you never signed […]

turn struggles into business success 01

Looking For The Right Business Idea? Forget Your Passions. Look At Your Struggles.


Life Purpose

Wondering what to do with your life next?  Forget about your passions for a moment – you have too many to pick just one, anyway. Look at your struggles. What are you avoiding right now? What are you fighting? What are you going through that you wish you weren’t? They say your struggles are your […]

keep commitments to yourself 04

Why You Need To Stop Breaking Promises To Yourself (And 3 Ways To Make Sure You Always Follow Through)



“What if I spend all this money on this coaching programme and then don’t follow through with it?” This thought kept running through my mind as I was talking to James to see if the I Heart Coaching programme was a good fit for me. Deep down, I knew it was. I knew with every […]

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