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The Truth About Overnight Success (No One Ever Tells You This!)


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“Why isn’t this working already? Should I just give up?”

I had been working on my business for a few months and things just weren’t happening… 

Where were the hoards of clients waiting to buy my programme? Why didn’t top publications accept my guests posts? Heck, even bloody Google wasn’t indexing my posts… 

Everyone else seemed to have a fast pass to success. One day, no one has ever heard of them. The next, they’re on all the podcasts, selling out group programmes, and making six figures in revenue.

How are they doing it?! How do you become an overnight success? 

You don’t. In her book, “How To Be An Overnight Success”, Rodial founder Maria Hatzistefanis reveals it took her more than a decade to become an overnight success. 

Maria isn’t the exception. Here’s the truth about overnight success no one tells you about: 

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Overnight Success Is The Exception, Not The Rule 

It’s possible to reach big goals in a short space of time. My success coach, Emily Williams, reached 6 figures in 6 months and 7 figures in 18 months. 

She’s the exception, not the rule. 

For most people, achieving success takes longer – a lot longer. You have to master your craft, create your network, build your reputation… These things take a lot of work and time.

But the biggest obstacle is your mindset. The reason why Emily made it so quickly? After working with the woman for years, I can tell you she doesn’t let anything hold her back.

She doesn’t listen to the voices in her head that tell her she’s not good enough, that it’s irresponsible to put that coaching programme on a credit card, or that people will criticise her if she’s too direct in her marketing. If she wants something, she goes for it.

You think it’s all about having the right strategies until you get given the right strategies and realise that you’re uncomfortable using them. You don’t want to sell in the DMs cos it’s pushy. You don’t want to say anything controversial because what if people don’t like you? You don’t want to invest in working with a coach because your partner doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

These are all mindset blocks that I had to overcome. That’s why my success took a lot longer. I’d implement one strategy until fear kicked in and everything came to a halt until I worked through it – then the results would come. And as they do, you start to gain momentum.

Success is like a snowball. At first, it’s so small, you’re wondering if it’s growing at all… But once it starts to pick up momentum, it grows bigger and bigger until everyone knows your name and wants to work with you.

Keep doing your best work and you’ll get there.

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You’re Only Getting The Highlight Reels

Want to know how my coach Emily reached 6 figures in 6 months? She didn’t just open her business and had clients pouring in. When she first started out, she was struggling to get her business off the ground and even had 54 no’s in a row. 

She knew she couldn’t do it on her own. She invested $7.500 dollars (she put it on her husband’s credit card) to join a coaching programme to master her mindset and learn the ropes and then spent every waking moment working on herself and her business. Her own coach told her she was showing up like she had 6 months left to live!

Emily knows you can achieve big results in a short space of time. But today, she recommends her clients take it a little easier than she did to avoid burnout and enjoy their life more while building their businesses.

Other people achieve big success quickly because they’ve already spent years mastering their craft, building a network of influencers willing to promote them for free, or have several failed businesses already and have learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t.

Again, it comes down to mindset. Building a network means having the guts to go out there and network, ask favours from influencers, put yourself in rooms where everyone is more successful than you – and facing the risk of rejection.

It also takes a rock solid mindset to keep going after failing so many times. Most people get discouraged easily, but those who make it see failures as redirection and opportunity to learn. It doesn’t matter how much money and time they poured into it, they know it’s all worth it. Every failure is just a stepping stone to success.

When you dig deep, all overnight success stories didn’t really happen overnight – and definitely not without a lot of effort and mindset work.

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How To Become The Next Overnight Success

Do the mindset work. I can’t stress it enough. If it hasn’t happened for you yet, it’s not because you don’t have what it takes or you’re not worthy of it. It’s because you still have fears holding you back.

You already have all the strategies you need to succeed in business. If you don’t, just do a quick Google search – a gazillion will come up. But you need to be the person who can implement those strategies for it to work.

You need to be confident enough to do live videos on Instagram, network with big influencers, having selling conversations with everyone you meet (you never know who knows someone who may be interested in your services). Are you there yet?

What is blocking you from putting yourself out there, getting clients, and making more sales? When you overcome that fear, you’ll star getting the success you desire.

It won’t be overnight, but you’ll be well on your way. When you build a 6-figures mindset and become the person who can take action despite the fear, success is inevitable.

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Wrapping It Up

Overnight success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of hard work,building your network, and overcome all the limiting beliefs and self-doubts that are keeping you stuck. It’s challenging work – that’s why so few do it. But it’s totally worth it.

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