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You're Meant For Something More...

Hi, I’m Giorgia!

I help spiritual millennial women like you, who are frustrated and stuck in the wrong job, to figure out what to do with your life, create a fulfilling career around your life purpose, and earn more money doing what you love.

It’s no coincidence you’re here. You know you’re meant for more than a job and life that don’t satisfy you. So much more.

You have a purpose to fulfill, talents and gifts to share with the world, and passions and interests to map your way forward. 

It's time. Are you ready to discover your life purpose, transform your career and live the life you were always meant to?


01. Get Inspired

Get motivated and inspired to find your life purpose and fulfill your dreams.


02. 1 On 1 Coaching

Feeling lost? Let me help you find your purpose and put it into action.

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