I work with driven entrepreneurs and business leaders to help you and your team reach your goals together, FAST.

I'm giorgia, no-nonsense leadership trainer, team facilitator, author, and podcaster


Ever wondered why some people achieve extraordinary results quickly, while for others scaling their business and motivating their team to hit their targets feels like a slow, hard slog?

It's not what you're doing. You already have the right strategy to scale your business, double your revenue, and reach your next ambitious goal without working even harder. Another marketing or business strategy won't help you reach your goals.

You can have more success, more time, and reach your wildest goals. But it takes you to uplevel your leadership.

It takes getting rid of procrastination, imposter syndrome, self-doubts, and old habits that are slowing you down.

It takes you to become the visionary leader who takes a stand for what you believe in, makes hard choices (with love), and inspires your people to follow you.


leaders aren't born. they're made.

leadership is the deciding factor of your success

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Hi, I'm Giorgia And I'm Obsessed With Helping You Reach Your Goals

I'm a serial entrepreneur and founder with 15 years of experience in business and a background in psychology, so I know first-hand the challenges of scaling.

Over the years, I've trained as a leadership coach, life purpose coach, and high performance coach, and have been creating successful coaching programmes and workshops tailored to my clients' needs to help them unlock their full potential and reach their wildest goals.

Better (and faster) decision making that result in more successful outcomes.

Greater influence to inspire your team and become the leader they want to follow.

Conflict resolution, so your team members can work well together and reach goals faster.

Better work-life balance, so you have time for all the things that matter to you.

Breaking through self-sabotaging patterns and unlocking your full potential.

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“Giorgia is a highly professional and amicable coach. She helped me gain clarity and confidence using effective methods and proven strategies. She is principled, dedicated and results driven. I would recommend Giorgia to anyone looking to scale their business and excel in their personal growth journey.” - Eden, founder

“Working with Giorgia helped change the trajectory of my business. My business was in its infancy when we began working together, and I had a lot of mental blocks I wasn't aware of. She helped to pull me out of my head, recognize and push past my own mental blocks, and subsequently get my business into Buzzfeed! And all within a few weeks of working together! Thank you, Giorgia!" - Cathleen, co-founder and business owner

"You challenged me to go places I would never go without you. You generated me growing, expanding, stretching, laughing, enjoying the ride." - Mojca, founder & CEO

real people. real results.


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