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business coach for multi-passionate women


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For multi-passionate women ready to step into their life's work and create a business doing what they love (and make good money, too).

A unique, 3 months coaching programme for multi-passionate women ready to start a business aligned with their passions, skills, and talents.

Discover your calling, get access to the best business tools and strategies to create a multi-passionate business, and transform lives - yours and those of everyone you touch.

Ideal for: Multi-passionate women who don't fit in a box.

1-on-1 coaching

the treasures within

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Pack 3 months of coaching into one "power day".

Let's get together for a full day of coaching and strategising to help you reach your business goals - whether you're just getting started and want to get those first few clients or have a steady income and are ready to go to the next level.

Ideal for: Driven women wanting to fast-track their way to the next business level.

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Want a taste of what's it like working with me before you invest in my coaching programme?
Scroll down for free resources to help you find out your life purpose and start living it.

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what type of multi-passionate entrepreneur are you?

Find out what business to start, based on your multi-passionate archetype.

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