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I'm Giorgia, a life purpose and business coach. I help you find your calling and turn it into a business, so you can make the impact you were born to make.

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Stacie Brenner

Ep. 06: How High-Performance Habits Help You Level Up Your Life With Stacie Brenner



After 20 years working as a teacher, Stacie Brenner took a leap of faith and started her own success coaching business. Her mission is to help women who know they’re meant for more design their best life.  Instead of niching down and picking just one area to specialize in, Stacie decided she was better able […]

mindset traps part 1

Ep 05: Top 10 Mindset Traps That Are Sabotaging Your Success (Part 1)



If you don’t have what you say you want, there’s a limiting belief (or mindset trap, as I like to call it) that’s sabotaging all your efforts. In today’s episode, I share 5 of the most common mindset traps that seem just innocuous common sense (and so, you never see them coming). In reality, they’re […]

Francisca Garces

EP 04: How To Monetise Your IG Account When You’re Multi-Passionate With IG Visibility Strategist Francisca Garcés



Francisca Garcés, a.k.a Visibility Fran, is a multi-passionate at heart. After years of feeling broken because she didn’t know which niche to focus in, she decided she wasn’t gonna let society put her in a box anymore.  Instead, she was going to combine her passions for mindset, business strategy, and music into her one business. […]

imposter syndrome giorgia

Ep. 03: How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome



Do you feel like an imposter because you’re good at many things, but not a master at anything?  It’s a common issue for multi-passionates. You’re multi-talented, but because you find it hard to specialise in any one thing, you feel like you can’t possibly help people and that, if you tried, they’ll expose you as […]

Annick Ina

Ep. 02: The Power Of Owning Your Story With Book Doula Annick Ina



Annick Ina is an author and book doula. She used to own and run multiple high-end retail shops, and worked as a business and life coach before deciding to unite all her skills under her book doula business.   Today, she provides aspiring and established authors with end-to-end services to help them through all the different […]

podcast episode 1

Ep. 01: How To Find Your Calling When You’re Multi-Passionate



Are you going round in circles trying to figure out which one of your (many!) passions to monetise?  Multi-passionates don’t have just one true passion. You have many passions and talents because you’re meant to use them all to do the work that only you can do in the world.  When you pick only one […]

What do you do 01

How To Answer The Dreaded “What Do You Do?” Question When You’re Multi-Passionate



My body tensed. My throat tightened. I knew it was coming – and I just wanted to disappear… “So, Giorgia, what do you do?” Why is that always the first question someone asks you when they meet you?!  I dreaded it. I’ve always worked on multiple projects at the same time – and they had […]

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