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I'm Giorgia, a life purpose and business coach. I help you find your calling and turn it into a business, so you can make the impact you were born to make.

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investing in your dreams 01

Are You Afraid Of Investing In Your Dreams?



“How did she do it?!” I had started my beauty blog 8 years before as a passion project. Now that I was about to move to London and build my freelance writing business, I needed my blog to generate some serious money to cover my rent and food. Every other blogger on my radar seemed […]

things to consider before starting your multi-passionate business 04

5 Things To Consider Before You Start Your Multi-Passionate Business



Are you a multi-passionate creative with a business idea you can’t wait to pursue? Hold your horses. I know you’re so excited, you want to dive right in and bring your idea to life – like RIGHT NOW. I’ve been there, too. MANY times. Here’s what I learned: you can have the most exciting business […]

multi-passionate myths 01

5 Common Myths About Being Multi-Passionate You Need To Stop Believing Right Now


Life Purpose

Are you flaky if you have more than one passion or want to completely change career… like 4 times in 15 years? Being multi-passionate in a world that wants you to be a one-trick pony is hard. You feel like there’s something wrong with you for not wanting to stick to one thing for the […]

biggest success obstacles 03

The 3 Biggest Obstacles To Success (And How To Overcome Them)



What are the biggest obstacles on the way to success? Hint: they’re never what you think. It’s not the hours spent falling down Facebook black holes or your kids constantly interrupting you 50 times a day with questions. They slow you down but, you can see them coming and can put a stop to them […]

could do vs want to do 01

Forget About What You Could Do. What Do You WANT To Do?


Life Purpose

Do you ever feel like life’s passing you by while you’re trying to figure out that one thing you’re meant to do?  There are soooo many options. So many passions to pursue. So many careers to explore. It’s exciting… …And overwhelming.  You don’t know what to pick and so you don’t pick anything. Guess how […]

take more risks 05

5 Reasons Why You Should Take More Risks This Year



“I’m going to move to London next year,” I said as soon as I turned 18. And I repeated it every single year after that… It was the one thing I wanted the most. And I never even bought a plane ticket or chose a date for my departure. There was always a good reason […]

truth about overnight success 01

The Truth About Overnight Success (No One Ever Tells You This!)



“Why isn’t this working already? Should I just give up?” I had been working on my business for a few months and things just weren’t happening…  Where were the hoards of clients waiting to buy my programme? Why didn’t top publications accept my guests posts? Heck, even bloody Google wasn’t indexing my posts…  Everyone else […]

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