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I'm Giorgia, a life purpose and business coach. I help you find your calling and turn it into a business, so you can make the impact you were born to make.

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signs you're a multi-passionate creative 02

7 Clear Signs You’re A Multi-Passionate Creative



Is it me or everyone calls themselves a multi-passionate creative these days? I totally see why. Everyone has multiple interests. Plus, it makes you sound kinda cool.  But, having multiple interests isn’t the only requirement to enter the multi-passionate club. And so, if you’re wondering whether you’re multi-passionate or simply confused about what to do […]

overcome perfectionism 01

5 Ways Perfectionism Is Keeping You Small (And How To Overcome It Once And For All)



It’s a weird combination, being a perfectionist and a multi-passionate at the same time. Your multi-passionate nature craves variety and the thrill of always learning and mastering new things – which means you’re gonna suck at them at first.  But your perfectionist tendencies demand excellence on the first try. If you can’t do that, is […]

business lessons from marie forleo 04

5 Business Lessons Marie Forleo Can Teach You About Being A Successful Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur



Marie Forleo is THE multi-passionate entrepreneur – she’s the woman who coined the term in the first place. Marie started off her career by jumping from one job to another. She first worked in Wall Street, then in the ad department at Mademoiselle Magazine, and, at some point, juggled life coaching with bartending and being […]

how to finish when you're multi-passionate 02

How To Finish Projects When You’re Multi-Passionate



Do you ever feel guilty for not finishing the projects you start? You dive deep into a new interest, tell everyone you know about it, maybe you even start a business around it and… …Just when it seems you’ve found IT, you lose all interest and quit. It doesn’t just happen once. It happens all […]

why multi-passionates can't finish anything 01

3 Reasons Why Multi-Passionates Can’t Finish What They Start (And What To Do About It)



Is every corner of your house littered with projects you started with enthusiasm and never finished? Did you leave a trail of abandoned blogs and websites all over the internet? Do you have folders of unfinished book drafts and business plans on your laptop? Starting something – anything! – is exciting for multi-passionates. That surge […]

multi-passionate entrepreneurs skills 03

5 Skills That Help Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs Thrive In Business



What skills do you need to thrive as a multi-passionate entrepreneur? The number one skill of a successful traditional entrepreneur is relentless focus in the pursuit of one thing. But that doesn’t work for multi-passionates. The thought of doing just one thing at a time is kryptonite for you. You can’t do it. And so […]

find calling exercises 02

3 Best Exercises To Find Your Calling When You’re Multi-Passionate



Do multi-passionates have a calling? I believe they do… just not in the traditional sense. Multi-passionates don’t have a one true calling, one thing to do for the rest of their life. (Can we heave a sigh of relief? I mean, how boring would that be?!). They’re called to do lots of different things, work […]

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