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Great teams do things differently. Building strong teams that reach goals together fast (and without conflicts!) starts with each employee identifying their blind spots, mastering the communication skills to resolve conflicts quickly, and creating a positive culture that fosters trust and collaboration.

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Your team is "too nice" instead of being honest. People are having side conversations about issues they have and don't bring them to the team for resolution, so the same problem keeps happening again and again.

Each team member is working on their own project and worried about achieving their personal goals instead of working together towards a common target, leading to duplicate effort or strategic contradiction.

Expectations are unclear and you don't know what's required of you to reach the next stage in your career. 

Decision making is slow - and painful. People struggle to express their ideas effectively. Lots of time and effort is wasted in unfocused meetings that end with no clear action step.

You feel like others are being favoured over you or fear making mistakes and being judged, and it impacts the trust you have in your company and team. 

When conflicts arise, you don't know how to resolve conflicts quickly and effectively.

The pressure to meet tight deadlines and achieve ambitious goals causes stress and burnout, leading to self-sabotaging behaviours like overwork or procrastination. You don't know how to maximise productivity without compromising well-being.

you may be experiencing...


Mindset: Identify the blind spots, self-sabotaging patterns, and blocks to peak performance of each team member and what really stops them from contributing their all to the team. 

the solution

Identity: Understand what drives your behaviour and develop the courage, resilience, and confidence to become the person who can reach goals fast.

Peak Performance: Adopt the high-performance habits and practical strategies top performers use to reach their goals fast - and without stress and overwhelm.

Leadership: Create a leadership mindset and master the principles of accomplishments that allow you to reach any goal together fast. 



Teams thrive when every individual unlocks their own potential to create breakthroughs in performance and productivity. 
here's how i help you do it:

Communication: Master the communication skills needed to resolve conflicts, give feedback, and collaborate together harmoniously to reach a common vision.





Got 25 sales in one day - a record for the company.

Completed large projects in excellence within deadlines (and without stress!).

Mastered the art of quick meetings ending with an action plan that can be implemented straight away.

Maximised peak performance and productivity, so you can get more done in less time - without compromising your well-being.

Boosted trust and cooperation within the team.

Mastered communication skills to make requests for support, ask feedback, and solve conflicts.

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How much time will the programme take?

The training is delivered in 6 sessions, either online on in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the programme include?

The programme includes training on mindset, identity, peak performance, leadership and communication. Each session is highly interactive and includes hot seat coaching and exercises so people can practice what they learn in real time. 1:1 coaching for employees to further support their leadership skills and peak performance is also available upon request.

How is this different from other leadership trainings?

How can I tell if this is right for my team?

This training is highly actionable and interactive. I'll equip you and your team with the tools you need to uplevel your leadership, achieve peak performance and productivity, and master communication skills. In each session, we'll dive deep into one of the 5 key areas (Mindset, Identity, Peak Performance, Leadership, and Communication). You'll learn when and how to use each tool in your work. The training also includes live coaching and role-playing exercises, so you can practice everything you learn in real time and have a practical plan of action you can use straight after each session.

If your team is experiencing a lack of leadership, trust issues, unresolved conflicts, procrastination, a difficulty in meeting deadlines and communicating effectively, this training is for you. Please note that, even though the 5 pillars stay the same (they're the foundation of a winning team), the content can be tailored to the unique needs of your team and organisation. Get in touch with what you need and I'll do the rest.


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