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I’m a big believer the only thing that stands between you and your next level of success is the limiting beliefs and stories you're telling yourself about what's possible for you.

Here you’ll find information, including expert topics and headshots, to help you see whether I’m a good fit for your audience or event.

I love speaking about all things mindset, purpose, and how entrepreneurs can break through self-sabotage, build unshakeable confidence in themselves and their services, and reach their big income and business goals without hustling.

Official Bio

Giorgia G is a transformational coach, leadership trainer, and host of The Treasures Within podcast. She believes hustling is a recipe for burnout, not success, and is on a mission to help driven female entrepreneurs break through self-sabotage, so they can reach their big income and business goals without working harder.

In her signature programme, The Leadership Advantage, Giorgia provides female entrepreneurs with practical mindset strategies and massive accountability to produce measurable results in their business within 90 days without working harder, so they can reach their goals while enjoying more freedom in their lives.

When she isn't coaching or planning another podcast interview, you can find Giorgia getting lost in a book in one of London's beautiful parks.

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expert topics include

Building unshakeable self-confidence in yourself and your services.

Top self-sabotaging patterns that  hold female entrepreneurs back in business - and how to break through them.

How to reach your goals fast without hustling with The Leadership Advantage Method.

Why strategies alone won't help you reach your goals (and what to do instead).

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