I'm Giorgia, Leadership Trainer & Coach

Hi, I'm Giorgia, serial entrepreneur turned leadership trainer on a mission to help you (and your team) reach your big business goals together FAST.

Years ago, I hit a business plateau. No matter what I did, what strategy I used, or how many hours I worked, my business wasn't growing. It seemed the harder I tried,  
the more I struggled to get the results I wanted. So frustrating! Can you relate?

After trying every strategy out there to scale, here's what I realised. I already had the right strategy.


I was fully of insecurities and self-doubts that made me take decisions slowly, second-guess every move, and procrastinate on what I needed to get done.

I hired my own leadership coach and everything changed.

My mission

Once I implemented what I learned, I started showing up at my best in both my business and personal life. I wrote a book, launched a podcast, doubled my revenue (to name just a few wins)... 

I STARTED HITTING MY GOALS BY WORKING LESS, no matter what life threw my way.

Over the years, I coached CEOs, founders, 6- and 7- figures entrepreneurs, award-winning comedians, corporate managers, and leaders at all levels. 

Now I'm on a mission to help you uplevel your leadership, so you too can reach your big business and revenue goals fast - without working harder.

Enjoy the process. Spread positivity. Choose kindness. Be grateful for every challenge and celebrate every win along the way. Relax, take time off to rest, and dance your way to the top. Reaching your goals gets to be fun.


Vulnerability makes you stronger. Own your flaws as much as your strengths. Have the hard conversations. Prioritise speed and getting things done over perfection and looking good. Ask for support. Share your vision and enrol your team into achieving your goals. Be the inspiring leader your people want to follow.



Dream big and step into fear to create extraordinary results in your business and life. Commit to your vision, make decisions from where you want to be and take the bold action you would if you knew you would not fail. Show up and execute whether you feel like it or not. Speak up and do what your business and your team needs to thrive.



Mentored CEOs and founders


Years of training and experience


Podcast episodes published



I've been trained by some of the world's top transformational trainers, including Michael Strasner (Lewis Howes' coach) and Judith Rich.


I've trained over 100+ CEOs, founders, business leaders at all levels, and teams on how to uplevel their leadership, maximise productivity, master communication, increase sales, and reach big goals within 90 days.



I've had extensive training in high performance coaching, transformational leadership, body language, and any other modality out there. I know what works (and what doesn't).


I'm a serial entrepreneur, built and scaled businesses, launched a podcast... I know what you're going through and how to get the results you want.


I don't just give you the tools you need to reach your goals. I empower you to become the person who can use them without self-doubts and procrastination get in the way. I'll always keep you accountable, so you can get the results you want.


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