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Hey, I'm Giorgia!

Mindset coach, healer, podcast host, writer on a mission to help you create a business and life even better than your vision board. 

Mindset coach + healer (and total Enneagram 1), host of The Treasures Within podcast, and a recovering workaholic.

I know what it feels like to work 24/7, throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping something sticks, and trying all the strategies to get your business to the next level... and yet nothing's working.

When I started my first business all the way back in 2008, I thought that working hard + having the right strategy = success.

I spent years taking online courses in every area of business, posting on all the social media platforms, going to networking events, hosting webinars... You name it, I did it.

My business was growing... at a snail's pace. This really frustrated me because I honestly couldn't have worked any harder. By this point, I was always exhausted. I was eating lunch + dinner at my desk every day, sleeping 5 hours a night, double-booking meetings... 

In the summer of 2019, while having coffee and cake at a luxury hotel in Chelsea, I had a chance encounter with a coach who recognised the signs of burnout in me.  We spent the next 6 months working together and what emerged surprised me...

I thought I was working hard on my business, so I could go to the next level. Instead, I was stuck in busy work and avoiding doing the very thing that'd propel my biz forward because I had a massive fear of success.

Deep down, I was afraid that, if I became more successful than my partner, he would leave me. The irony? My partner never asked me to play small. This message came from society and the myth that men don't like successful women.

Once I reframed that belief, and realised I could be successful AND loved, my business took off and my income DOUBLED - in just a few short months (and by working less, too!).

This is what's possible for you when you uncover the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging you and heal them, so you can go to your next level of success - without any major setbacks happening in the process.

I'm Giorgia

about me


i'm not about:

Telling it like it is, kindness, healing as the real secret to success, and in following your desires (they're meant for you and possible for you).

Downsizing your dreams, the words "I can't," rudeness, and busy work. 

My mum’s lasagne (she makes everything - yes, even the pasta dough - from scratch!). Delicious.


Journaling: forgiveness practice, gratitude list, desire inventory (yes, I make a list of my desires every morning), and setting an intention for the day ahead.

daily ritual


Reading self-help books.  Trying out new restaurants. Exploring London (after 7 years here, I've barely scratched the surface of everything there is to see and do!).



Buying too many cute dresses. Watching Supernatural over and over and over (team Dean all the way). Enjoying musical theatre.

guilty pleasure


London. I fell in love with this incredible city the first time I visited on holiday and immediately knew I would live here one day. Dreams do come true.

places i've been



That moment when my clients realise they don't have to believe their inner critic and that they already have everything it takes to turn their dreams into reality.

part of my job


my favorite things:

about you

It's Time To Make Your Dreams Happen

You're working hard to grow your business, but no matter what you do, nothing's working. Not as you'd like it to, anyway. Those big biz goals on your vision board are still frustratingly out of reach. 

These limiting beliefs will sabotage all your best efforts until you heal them.

 It's not because you're not working hard enough

 It's not because you don't have the right strategy

 It's not because you don't have a big enough team

 If you believe you're not worthy of money or success

 If you believe you're not good enough to do what your heart wants to do

 If you believe you can't trust yourself to make the right choices in business

 If you believe you need to be perfect to be successful

 If you believe you won't be able to handle the success and money you desire



I didn't jump on videos for years because I believed I needed to look perfect, speak in the perfect British accent, and have the perfect background. I still cringe when I think of all the money perfectionism made me leave on the table.

I wasted years using Google as my business coach, downloading all the freebies, watching all the free webinars, and wearing all the hats in my business because I thought only 6-figures entrepreneurs hire coaches and virtual assistants and I was always broke. It wasn't until I started investing in the mentors and VAs I needed that the big money started coming in.

I came close to burnout more times than I care to count by filling my days with tasks that didn't need to be done - because I believed that hustling 24/7 was the only way to be successful (and almost killed my biz in the process).

What's holding YOU back from achieving your business goals and the success you desire?

every time I went to the next level in my biz, i had to heal a Self-Sabotaging Pattern

Discover the REAL reason you haven't achieved your biz + income goals yet. What could you achieve if you healed that?

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self-sabotaging your business success?


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When you heal your self-sabotaging pattern, you can:

    Double your income while decreasing your work hours 

    Attract ideal clients willing to pay high-ticket prices

    Maximize your productivity by working on the tasks that move the needle forward (and dump everything else)

    Work from anywhere in the world and have more free time for your family, friends, and the things that truly matter to you

    Create a business and life that's better than your vision board.

Are you ready to drop the hustle and do the only work that works to get the results that have eluded you up until now?

when your heal your self-sabotaging pattern, your business just works.

I was struggling with a new business idea that I found exciting, challenging and scary at the same time. Giorgia helped me by making me look at my fears in a more objective way and in a different perspective. Now I am confident that I'll take my idea to the real world, to grow and thrive. I found this experience absolutely helpful and I recommend working with Giorgia to every woman who needs help to have the right mindset for reaching their goals.


Real Results

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Working with Giorgia was incredible. I’m a multi-passionate creative with two main businesses and before I spoke to Giorgia, not much clue about running either of them!
Giorgia offers useful, practical advice that makes total sense and she helps you think about things logically. She helps you hone exactly which elements of your business bring you the most joy, and strip away the things that don’t.
On top of that she is such a lovely person, and actually cares about you and how you are getting on. It’s like having your very own cheerleader – which is a wonderful (and sometimes much-needed) boost! I highly recommend Giorgia if you want to take your business to the next level – she’s fabulous! Thank you so much Giorgia.


Real Results

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Giorgia is a highly professional and amicable coach. She helped me gain clarity and confidence using effective methods and proven strategies. She is principled, dedicated and results driven. I would recommend Giorgia to anyone looking to scale their business and excel in their personal growth journey.


Real Results

Committed to healing self-sabotage, so you can finally reach your big biz + income goals? Find out if I'm the right coach for you and how I can support you in making those goals your reality.

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