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Hey, I'm Giorgia!

Transformational coach, leadership trainer, and podcaster on a mission to help you achieve your wildest dreams - without hustling.

I'm passionate about empowering women to achieve their big business and income goals - without hustling.

A born-and-raised Italian girl, 8 years ago I moved to London with only a tiny pink trolley, a laptop, and big dreams of building a passion-driven business.

I thought that hard work + right business strategy = fast success. I was wrong.

I spent years taking online courses in every area of business, posting on all the social media platforms, going to networking events, hosting webinars... You name it, I did it.

And yet... my business was NOT growing! And I was EXHAUSTED.

By this point, I was eating lunch and dinner at my desk every day, sleeping five hours a night, making silly mistakes like double-booking meetings... 

In the summer of 2019, while having coffee and cake at a luxury hotel in Chelsea, I had a chance encounter with a coach who recognised the signs of burnout in me. I agreed to a free session with her and what came out of it shocked me:

I thought I was working hard, doing all the right things to grow my business. Instead, I was stuck in busy work and avoiding doing the revenue-generating activities that'd help me grow fast because I had a massive fear of success.

I had been bullied at school for being too smart. Now I worried that, if I put myself out there in a bigger way and made more money than my friends and partner, they wouldn't like me anymore. And what about all those trolls on social media, would they criticise or expose me as a fraud?

Once I broke through those fears, my business took off and my income DOUBLED - in just a few short months (and by working fewer hours than ever, too!).

This is what's possible for you, too. When you break through your subconscious blocks to success, you can ditch busy work and reach your big income and business goals without hustling.

I'm Giorgia

about me


i'm not about:

Radical honesty (if you don't want me to call out your BS stories - with kindness! - I'm not the coach for you), healing as the real secret to success, and in following your dreams (they're meant for you and possible for you).

Downsizing your dreams (settling and realistic aren't in my vocabulary), the words "I can't," rudeness, and busy work. 

You already have all the strategies you need to grow your business. 

But for the strategies to work, you need to become the confident leader who can make the bold moves you've been hesitant to make up until now. 

I help you identify and break through all the subconscious blocks to success that are keeping you from making those moves, so you can fast track your success, ditch busy work, and reach your next income and business goal with ease.

I'm really good at what I do and I've helped hundreds of people hit within 90 days those big business and income goals they've been struggling for months to achieve. How?

I do that through The Leadership Advantage, a game-changing training programme that pairs practical mindset and success strategies with massive accountability to produce measurable results in your business - within 90 days.

another marketing strategy isn't the answer

Curious how I did it? Here's the truth...

When you embody the person who already has what you want, success is inevitable.

I've been trained by some of the world's top transformational coaches, including Michael Strasner (Lewis Howes' coach).


I've trained over 100+ entrepreneurs, business leaders, and teams on how to reach big goals within 90 days.




I'm a serial entrepreneur, built and scaled businesses, launched a podcast... I know what you're going through and how to get the results you want.


I did all kinds of random jobs to pay the bills, including working as an extra in a movie. You can see me in Goodbye Christopher Robin (fun fact: Margot Robbie stepped on my foot - and I had no idea who she was!).

I'm a Virgo with Aquarius Rising and Moon in Sagittarius. An exciting combination of practicality, unconventionality, optimism, and restlessness. 


Enjoy the process. Spread positivity. Choose kindness. Be grateful for every challenge and celebrate every win along the way. Relax, take time off to rest, and dance your way to the top. Reaching your goals gets to be fun.


Vulnerability makes you stronger. Own your flaws as much as your strengths. Have the hard conversations. Prioritise speed and getting things done over perfection and looking good. Ask for support. Share your vision and enrol your team into achieving your goals. Be the inspiring leader your people want to follow.



Dream big and step into fear to create extraordinary results in your business and life. Commit to your vision, make decisions from where you want to be and take the bold action you would if you knew you would not fail. Show up and execute whether you feel like it or not. Speak up and do what your business and your team needs to thrive.



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