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Ep 031: The Big Pivot (Plus Exciting Announcement!)


Hi, I'm giorgia
A transformational coach on a mission to help you break through your success blocks, so you can reach your big business and income goals with ease.
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the big pivot podcast episode

For a year now, I knew that I was building the wrong business. I started The Treasures Within because I wanted to help women find their purpose and help them overcome all the limiting beliefs and stories that were holding them back from pursuing it.

And yet, somewhere along the line, I went down the business coaching path. Because it was easier. Because I had no degree in psychology, but plenty of business experience that made me feel qualified to help women with business strategies – even though my heart wasn’t in it.

Yep, I had a massive case of imposter syndrome. 

Can you relate to that? Have you ever shrank your dreams and pursued what seemed easy, logical, or realistic instead of doing the work you’re truly meant to be doing?

“When you do something that’s easy, or realistic, or you’re just not that passionate about, everything feels hard. Even if you get money and success, it always feels like a slog and it never gets better, you never feel happy or fulfilled.”

Giorgia G

In the episode, I talk about how I pivoted my business back to its original mission and why healing those limiting beliefs and stories (hello imposter syndrome!) that tell you you can’t do something is key to business success.

I also share an exciting opportunity to be part of a case study for the Limitless Fempreneur programme. If you’re an ambitious, purpose-driven female entrepreneur stuck in hustle mode and working yourself to burnout without seeing the results you want, and you’re ready to transform your mindset so you can finally reach the big business and income goals that have eluded you up until now, this is your one-off opportunity to do this powerful work at a ridiculous crazy price(when I officially launch this programme next year, the price will likely double!).

I only have 6 spots available for this opportunity and they’ll go fast, so email me at with the words “case study” for more details and I’ll get back in touch ASAP.

In This Episode:

  • Changes to The Treasures Within podcast + business. [00:43]
  • Why I called my business The Treasures Within. [03:02]
  • The real reason why you haven’t found your life purpose yet. [03:28]
  • How I sabotaged my business by going down the wrong path. [05:02]
  • Why business strategies alone won’t bring you success – and the key ingredient you need to reach your goals.[06:09]
  • What self-sabotage looks like in business. [06:55]
  • The purpose behind my business calling and why I do what I do (hint: it’s VERY personal to me). [10:49]
  • How I got out of hustle mode and strategy hell and doubled my income – within a few short months and working less. [14:39]
  • What I do, who I help, and how I can support you in reaching the big business + income goals that have eluded you up until now. [20:30]
  • I’m looking for 6 women to join me for the case study for my new programme The Limitless Fempreneur at a ridiculous crazy price. Email me at with the words “case study” if you’re interested.[21:19]


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“You can have all the best strategies in the world, but if you don’t feel qualified to do what you do, if you don’t feel worthy of money and success, if you don’t believe you’re the type of person who can reach 6 figures, then no strategy in the world will help you.”

“When you’re doing everything you can think of to reach your goals and yet they’re always out of reach, it’s because you have limiting beliefs that you’re not even aware of that are getting in your way and sabotaging your success. And until you heal them, you’re always going to be stuck in hustle mode, wondering why it’s not happening for you.”

“So if you’re trying everything to get to the next level and nothing’s working, the solution is not more strategy. The solution is healing the limiting beliefs and stories that you made up about yourself and what’s possible for you.”

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I'm Giorgia, transformational coach on a mission to help you break through your subconscious blocks to success and become the confident leader who can make bold moves, so you can finally reach your big business and income goals without hustling.

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