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Are you ready to reach your next level of success without burning yourself out? Success Accelerator is a proven system to help you reach your next big income and business goal within 90 days. No long hours, no hustling – just effective strategies and support. 

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"This system really works! Now, when I feel like procrastinating, I know how to break the cycle and take action towards my goals with confidence."

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Hi, I'm Giorgia, and I'm Obsessed with Helping You Reaching Your Goals

I’m a transformational coach, leadership trainer, podcaster, and author who, at one point, was rejected by more than 100+ companies. 

8 years ago, I packed all my belongings in a tiny pink trolley, booked a one way ticket to London, and built my coaching business. In the first few years, I invested everything I made into working with some of the world's best coaches, including Michael Strasner (Lewis Howes' coach).

Since then, I went on to work with 100+ 6- and 7-figures entrepreneurs, business leaders, CEOs, and even award-winning comedians to help them reach their next level of success, double their income, and sell out their programmes - without hustling.

foUNDER of the treasures within
podcaster, leadership trainer, and italian foodie

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