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Breaking Free from Subconscious Programming for Business Success with Nicole Rose


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Nicole Rose podcast interview

Did you invest in course after course looking for the one business strategy that’ll finally get you to 10K months and beyond – and yet nothing is working?

Are you journaling, visualising, and repeating affirmations every single day to rewire your mindset for business success – and yet you’re still stuck where you are?

Business strategy + mindset work are only two pieces of business success. The third piece that’s rarely talked about (and yet it’s the MOST important one!) is reprogramming your nervous system.

“Awareness is important, but to create real change, we need to address the root cause, which lies in trauma and its impact on our nervous system and beliefs.”

Nicole Rose

Nicole Rose is a nervous system and trauma-informed mindset expert and coach. Her mission is to help business owners regulate their nervous system and mindset for success in business and life.

In this episode, we explore why nervous system regulation is the missing piece to overcome blocks and achieve desired results in business, strategies and tools to heal trauma and reconnect to your intuition, and so much more. Let’s dive in!

In This Episode

  • Welcome Nicole! Her story and how she came to do this work.
  • Do you need this work? – The symptoms that let you know you do.
  • The connection between trauma, the nervous system, and mindset.
  • Tips for guiding the brain and body back to safety when feeling triggered as you run your business.
  • Strategies and practices to regulate your nervous system and rewire subconscious programming.
  • Inner child work – and why it’s the first step to healing.
  • The biggest misconception about nervous system reprogramming.
  • What it really takes to reconnect with your intuition after experiencing trauma.
  • Parting words and how to connect with Nicole Rose.


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“A business that doesn’t bring in joy and ease is simply not sustainable. Nervous system and subconscious programming are essential puzzle pieces for growth.” 

“Symptoms like fear of failure, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism are trauma responses stored in the body and subconscious.” 

“Trauma isn’t just about big events; emotional neglect and unmet needs as a child can shape our nervous system and beliefs.” 

“Guiding the brain and body back to safety helps us overcome fears, doubts, and limitations, allowing us to show up authentically and achieve success.”

“Guiding yourself back to safety is like reconnecting back to trust and intuition.”

“We need to heal, rewire our programming, and unlearn everything that wasn’t really us.”

“Challenging old conditioning allows us to discover our true identity.”

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I'm Giorgia, transformational coach on a mission to help you break through your subconscious blocks to success and become the confident leader who can make bold moves, so you can finally reach your big business and income goals without hustling.

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