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The Connection Factor: How Building Relationships Drives Business Success With Katy Rayne


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A transformational coach on a mission to help you break through your success blocks, so you can go from overwhelmed to overbooked.
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The Freedom Formula is a proven system to help you go from overwhelmed to overbooked.

Are you posting day in and day out on all social media platforms… and crickets?

Are you emailing your list and telling people what you do, but no one is interested in buying from you? 

Everyone wants ideal clients, but few do the work that’s required to actually get those clients.

“Building a connection is essential in marketing. People need to know, like, and trust you before they purchase.”

Katy Rayne

Nurturing leads and building relationships with potential clients is the slow part of marketing everyone wants to avoid. 

It’s also what’s going to get you booked out – especially when you’re just starting out and don’t have a big audience or are selling intimate experiences like boudoir photography – that’s Katy’s business.

An award-winning photographer that helps people truly feel beautiful and confident so that they can live their badass lives Guilt-Free through boudoir and fantasy photography, Katy has fully mastered the art of connection.

In this conversation, she discusses her calling as a photographer, the mindset shifts she had to make, and shares valuable insights on succeeding in business and boosting confidence.

In This Episode

  • Welcome Katy! Her story and how she discovered her purpose in working with women and helping them feel beautiful and confident.
  • The process and journey Katy takes her clients through during a photo shoot.
  • Challenges Katy had to overcome to succeed in business. 
  • Why connection is the missing key to booking ideal clients.
  • The importance of building a connection and taking clients on a journey 
  • Tips for creating a connection with potential clients.
  • Parting words and how to connect with Katy.


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“I work with women to help them feel beautiful and confident every day. That’s my goal in life.”

“All women, and even men, struggle with insecurities and not feeling attractive. It’s a common experience.”

“Pick specific topics that your business stands for and create engaging content around them to connect with your audience.”

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I'm Giorgia, transformational coach on a mission to help you break through your subconscious blocks to success and become the confident leader who can make bold moves, so you can finally reach your big business and income goals without hustling.

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Are you ready to reach your next level of success without burning yourself out? Success Accelerator is a proven system to help you go from overwhelmed to overbooked - without trying yet another marketing strategy.

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