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Introverted Entrepreneurs: Embracing Your Inner Strength for Business Success with Jeannie Scott


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Do you ever feel like you need to be an extrovert to succeed in the business world?

When I started out, I had a belief that, if I weren’t as loud and energetic as Tony Robbins, no clients would want to work with me.

That belief got me in a double bind: if I showed up as energetic and loud, people could feel the fakery; if I showed up as myself, I didn’t feel confident to get results (and that’s what I manifested!).

“I think so many introverts are not given the choice to be themselves.”

Jeannie Scott

Jeannie Scott is an empowerment coach for introverted women, actor, breathwork facilitator, NLP practitioner, speaker, and fierce dreamer. She helps high-achieving but exhausted introverted women hold onto their energy, build confidence, and lead authentically. 

In a world that demands extroversion, Jeanie speaks about the shame associated with introversion and the tendency to put on extroverted masks, strategies for managing energy and overstimulation, the gift of sensitivity in leadership and so much more. Get ready for an insightful conversation on embracing introversion and finding success on your own terms.

In This Episode

  • Welcome Jeannie! Her story and why she transitioned from being a confidence coach for performers to coaching introverts.
  • How introverts can navigate the demands of an extroverted world.
  • What advice would Jeannie give to introverts who feel pressure to constantly perform and struggle to take time for themselves?
  • Beliefs or mindset shifts to break free from the cycle of burnout.
  • How introverts learn to trust themselves and embrace their authentic voice and leadership style.
  • Common challenges introverted entrepreneurs face.
  • How shame around introversion affects an individual’s confidence.
  • The difference between being shy and being introverted.
  • The unique strengths introverts possess.
  • How introverts can become comfortable with leading and embrace their sensitivity.
  • How self-acceptance and acknowledging strengths leads to transformation.
  • What role does embodiment work and breathwork play in the process?
  • Parting words and how to connect with Jeannie.


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  1. “The difference between extroverts and introverts is that extroverts get their energy from other people and the outside, while introverts get their energy from going inwards.”
  2. “I don’t have to show up as anything other than myself, and actually, if I try and do that, I’m shooting myself in the foot.”
  3. “Listening is a huge strength of an introvert. The ones that are really listening in the room have an incredibly powerful gift.”
  4. “Introverts are really good at getting to the subtext rather than just what people are saying.”
  5. “A big part of the work I do is about getting back into your body and trusting your body again because your body has the answers.”

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Are you ready to reach your next level of success without burning yourself out? Success Accelerator is a proven system to help you go from overwhelmed to overbooked - without trying yet another marketing strategy.

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