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Ep 034: Grow A Community Of Raving Customers (Without Harming Your Mental Health) With Serena Gasparini



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Hi there! I'm Giorgia, a mindset coach + healer on a mission to help you heal self-sabotage, so you can build a wildly profitable business from your passions.

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serena gasparini interview

How do you create a community of raving fans and customers in an age when you’re supposed to be available 24/7 – without harming your mental health?

“The communities aren’t a customer service tool. They’re a tool to create and encourage conversations. So the community should also kind of be self-sufficient in a way. The people within it should be supporting each other as well. So it shouldn’t always have to rely on you.”

Serena Gasparini

Serena Gasparini, founder of Sense and Forum – No Nonsense Community Management, who manages multiple communities for clients like Found & Flourish believes the secret is a mix of consistency in sharing with your audience and boundary setting from the very start to manage expectations.

In this interview, we dive deep into what makes a community successful, the top mistakes to avoid, and how entrepreneurs can take care of their mental health and that of the people who work with and for them. Let’s dive in!

In This Episode

  • Welcome Serena! Her story and how she found her calling. [02:10]
  • What was holding Serena back from starting her business? [04:25]
  • Why Serena recommends every business owners take the mental health first aid course. [07:21]
  • How to have conversations about mental health with your clients and boss. [10:00]
  • Practical tips to take time off when you’re afraid it’s going to make your business fall apart. [12:50]
  • How business owners can protect their mental health, especially when working crazy hours. [16:03]
  • Best practices to support someone who is going through mental health challenges. [18:15]
  • Serena’s top tips for building a community from scratch. [19:48]
  • How to transition your community to a different platform without losing a ton of people in the process. [24:18]
  • How to choose the right community platform for your business and audience. [25:38]
  • Top challenges people are facing when building communities. [25:38]
  • Top mistakes when building a community. [28:58]
  • Community trends post-pandemic. [31:20]
  • Rewards of building a community: why you need to invest your time in it. [34:00]
  • Serena’s advice on how multi-passionates can build a business and life around all their passions. [35:19]
  • Parting words and how to connect with Serena. [37:50]


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“Sometimes bad things happen, but it’s the universe’s way of telling you, You need to do something for yourself. And it was a blessing in disguise.”

“The key to community is conversation and being open and honest. “

“When you’re starting out as freelance or entrepreneur, just follow your instincts and know what feels right and things will come to you if you put in the hard work and the effort and network and communicate to people, loads of people.”

“If you know that you need to rest and have a day off, take it. […] If you don’t rest, you’re gonna be less productive later on in the week.”

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I'm Giorgia, mindset coach and healer on a mission to help you heal self-sabotage, so you can finally reach the big biz + income goals that have eluded you up until now.

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how are you sabotaging your biz success?

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