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Ep 037: Money Mindset Mastery With Pamela Plick


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Pamela Plick podcast interview

When it comes to your finances, do you put your head in the sand like an ostrich or do you make a financial plan and tackle it head on?

Do you take risks with your finances or do you like to hoard money for rainy days?

Are you so busy taking care of other people’s needs that you have no time to take care of your finances or do you use money to control your life (and other people’s lives)?

These are some of the most common archetypes that drive your financial decisions – without you even realising it!

“We have to identify when we’re making financial decisions, am I trying to fulfill some need, internal need, or is this truly a decision, a financial decision that’s gonna move us forward towards our vision, towards our goals?”

Pamela Plick

Certified financial planner and money coach Pamela Plick has made it her mission to help women identify their main money archetype, so they can change their money story, master their inner game of wealth and live financially abundant lives.

In this conversation, Pamela shares the most common ways women give away their financial power, the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and broke, and how you can identify your money archetype, so you can finally create a life of abundance – in every area of your life. Let’s dive in!

In This Episode

  • Welcome Pamela! Her story and how she found her calling. [02:24]
  • What does having a relationship with money mean and how do you know you have a good relationship with it?[04:55]
  • The most common limiting beliefs about money that keep women stuck and broke. [07:10]
  • How women give their power away and how to reclaim that power to attract the abundance they deserve. [12:08]
  • How to deal with fears and anxiety around money, so you can confidently take action to become financially free. [16:47]
  • The 8 money archetypes: which one are you? [23:72]
  • The 3 pillars of money you need to create a good relationship with it. [32:91]
  • Parting words and how to connect with Pamela. [38:05]


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“Our vision is kind of our compass, our true north. I recommend reading it daily, that helps you to stay focused. It helps you to stay centered and know where you’re going.”

“It’s not our job to determine what our clients can afford, right? It’s up to them to make that decision.“

“Taking care of yourself financially is also a form of self care and a form of self love.”

“In order to build that outer wealth, we need to create the inner inner wealth.”

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