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Ep. 052: Harness Sexual Energy To Boost Your Creativity And Manifest Your Dream Business With Karli Petrovic


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Did you know there’s a link between sexual energy and creative energy?

When I first heard that years ago, I thought it was nuts. Until I started on my own sexual empowerment journey and realised a powerful truth: both sex and creativity are about creation.

Whether you’re trying to birth a baby or a new project into the world, listening to the wisdom of your body and your intuition is going to help you manifest your dream business and life much faster.

It’s just that, a lot of the time, what our body tells us doesn’t make sense:

The thing that I’ve learned about intuition is that like 90% of the time, it’s really surprising it comes out of nowhere and that’s why you can trust it cuz it’s not something you would’ve thought of, like your brain would’ve tried to shut it down pretty quickly.

Karli Petrovic

Karli Petrovic helps creatives listen to their intuition, so they can focus on the right project and create a soul-aligned business. She’s also the deviant writer behind Yes, Misstrix, where she empowers women to get back in touch with their sexuality.

In this conversation, Karli explores the link between sexual and creative energies, how to bring more sensuality and pleasure into your life and business, tips to connect with your intuition and lots more. Let’s dive in!

In This Episode

  • Welcome Karli! Her story and how she found her calling.
  • The link between sexual energy and creative energy – and how it helps you succeed in business.
  • How to bring more sensuality and pleasure into your daily life.
  • Questioning limiting beliefs about sexuality.
  • A limiting belief about her sexuality Karli healed and how it improved her life.
  • How to learn to listen to your intuition, so you can make the right decisions in business, dating, and life.
  • How to find the courage to speak up and say what you want/don’t want.
  • How Karli supports creatives in finding the work they’re meant to do in this moment.
  • How to trust and follow your intuition when it doesn’t make sense and yu’re scared of taking the leap.
  • How did Karli merge her interests into her career over the years – was it a natural progression?
  • How to shut down the mind so you can listen to your intuition?
  • Parting words and how to connect with Karli.


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“Listening to your intuition is the best way to kind of determine, this is for me, this is not for me.”

“Your intuition is trying to tell you things all day long, all the time, and so if you’re constantly not listening or going actively against it, then this friend that is trying to give you good advice all the time is not gonna give you good advice anymore.”

“Your intuition doesn’t speak through fear. Your intuition doesn’t even speak through excitement. Your intuition is always calm, always steady.”

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