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Ep 053: Why Your Permission Is The Only One That Matters With Abi Adams


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Abi Adams interview

Are you overwhelmed to the point of burnout, pushing through your to-do list when your body is telling you to take a break?

Do you keep pushing through and working even when you don’t feel well? 

I’ve been there. More times than I care to admit…

I thought pushing through when I was sick or burnout was normal. Sort of like a badge of honour. Wouldn’t my business crash if I dropped the ball for even one day?

I learned the hard way the opposite is true. Whenever my health suffers, my business suffers. When I thrive, it thrives. 

So why don’t we give ourselves permission to rest and build a business in a sustainable way? 

Female health holds no value in society. We have been conditioned that there is no value within our personal female health.

Abi Adams

Abi Adams is the founder of Project Woman, a confident, feisty space where every woman is invited to feel confident as a woman. Abi is passionate about expanding women’s knowledge and raising the bar on feminine health and of working in sync with your period, instead of against it. 

In this interview, she talks about giving yourself permission to take charge of their own health, use your period as a tool for self-awareness, and so much more. Let’s dive in!

In This Episode

  • Welcome Abi! Her story and why she created Project Woman.
  • Why women don’t give themselves permission to trust their intuition and make the best decisions for their life and health – and how to change it.
  • Overcoming people pleasing that keeps women hesitating and asking for permission.
  • The real reason why you’re not investing in your health.
  • How to take responsibility for your health and seek the help you need, especially when it doesn’t come from Western medicine. 
  • What advice would Abi give to busy women who need to take time off but feel like they can’t?
  • Understanding your period and how to work with its different phases instead of pushing through them for a better quality of life.
  • Parting words and how to connect with Abi.


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“The menstrual cycle is a tool for self-awareness.”

“We need to start honoring and celebrating our femininity.”

“Your environment is what determines or can impact your emotions.”

“The corporate world wasn’t made for a woman’s physiology.”

“The value behind your body will drive the choices and the permissions that will take you to where you’re gonna end up being.”

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