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The Treasures Within

Tune in each week to discover how to find your calling as a multi-passionate, blast through the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and broke, and learn business strategies that work for creatives like you.

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Don't know what to do with your life? Stop looking for your "one true passion" and discover how you can use ALL your passions and talents to fulfil your calling and do the work you're meant to do in the world. 

How To Find Your Calling

How To Master Your Mindset

Business strategies without mindset = failed business. Discover how to blast through imposter syndrome, starving artist syndrome, and other limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and broke, so you can become the thriving multi-passionate entrepreneur you were always born to be.

what you'll discover here: 

How To Build A Multi-Passionate Business

Listen to inspiring stories from successful multi-passionate entrepreneurs who are rewriting the business playbook and building profitable brands from all their passions. 

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I'm your host, Giorgia G

I'm a multi-passionate creative who, for years, turned all my passions into niche businesses that brought me money, success, and... misery. I was creating a prison for myself and wanted out.

It's only when I dropped the niche model and started doing business in a way that works with my multi-passionate nature that everything changed...

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Multi-passionates like you have multiple passions and talents because you're meant to use them all to do the work only you can do in the world. Tune in each week to discover how to combine your passions into one profitable business, blast through all the limiting beliefs that tell you it's not possible for you, and rewrite the business playbook in a way that works with your multi-passionate nature.

My superpower is helping multi-passionate women find their calling, so they can create a profitable business that allows them to do all the things they love, make more money, and enjoy unlimited freedom in thier lives.

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