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EP 04: How To Monetise Your IG Account When You’re Multi-Passionate With IG Visibility Strategist Francisca Garcés


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Francisca Garcés interview

Francisca Garcés, a.k.a Visibility Fran, is a multi-passionate at heart. After years of feeling broken because she didn’t know which niche to focus in, she decided she wasn’t gonna let society put her in a box anymore. 

Instead, she was going to combine her passions for mindset, business strategy, and music into her one business. Today, Francisca Garcés is a IG visibility strategist who helps creative coaches gain confidence and monetise their Instagram presence – even if they have a small following (Fran had around 300 followers when she got her first paid client!).

Fran takes a stand for being authentically you and creating genuine connections with your audience. Her secret to success? Caring more about the people who follow you than vanity metrics. 

In this interview, Francisca Garcés shares how to monetise your Instagram account when you’re multi-passionate, build the confidence to follow your calling and be visible, and lots more.

In This Episode

  • Welcome Fran! Her story and how she decided to become a IG visibility strategist. [02:35]
  • What is it like to be multi-passionate in a traditional society that wants everyone to follow the specialist’s path. [05:07]
  • How multi-passionates can succeed on Instagram without putting themselves in a box. [09:32]
  • How Francisca decided to pivot from music to IG strategy. [12:28]
  • How Francisca built up her confidence after going through anxiety and depression. [14:49]
  • Why you don’t need thousands of followers to make money and get clients from IG. [17:08]
  • How to stop feeling like an imposter when you’re starting out in a saturated niche. [18:53]
  • What was one failure Fran had that set her up for later success? [22:44]
  • What habit or belief most improved Fran’s life in the past 3 years? [24:22]
  • How does Fran decide which projects to focus on? [26:21]
  • Why Fran seeks out uncomfortable situations on purpose [28:33]
  • Fran’s advice on how multi-passionates can create a business and life around all their passions [31:15]


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“What shifted for me as well as the overthinking side of things, I just began testing. Cause when I began the online journey, I over-thought so much, it was just something that was hurting me. And so like I just stopped overthinking. And once, once you do that, you become less fearful because you know, the, entrepreneurial journey is like, you, you cannot overthink, like you just have to create something, put it out there.”

“So sometimes you can feel imposter of like, oh my God, there’s just so, so much of this out there. Like who am I to put this out there, but it’s true. There’s that? Uh, probably the same people felt like that as well. And so when I, whenever I got that, I got this, I always think like, okay, probably they felt the same way and by they did it anyway, and which is why they achieve their goals.”

“Sometimes we have to take uncomfortable decisions because otherwise we’re going to be at something that we are just there out of sheer commitment and it’s not, it doesn’t really make us grow. It just keeps us stuck. ”

“We always postpone things, especially as creatives, because we were afraid obviously that we were going to get rejected or something, but it may be odd that we’re like self-sabotaging and like blocking our own success. And probably people don’t even know that it probably, they are eager to buy everything that you are putting out there.”

“I remember every time that I joined something that was going to make me grow, I didn’t feel good.”

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