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For the multi-passionates, the rebels, the creatives who want a business + life that doesn't fit in a box.

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Hate The Idea Of Niching Down?

Tired of being told the only way to be successful is to niche down, specialise, pick one thing and do that for the rest of your life?

This advice makes sense for a lot of people. It DOESN'T make sense for multi-passionates. You're wired differently. 

You have so many passions, talents, and interests for a reason. You're meant to use them all to do the work that only you can do in this world (and yes, that work can look different at different stages of your life).

Your passions aren't distractions that take your focus away from your one true calling (hint: a multi-passionate doesn't have just one). They're treasures that help you do the work only you can do and serve the people who need your unique mix of talents and gifts.

You're not flaky for changing your mind and not knowing what to do with your life yet. You're meant to pursue different paths, so you can learn from them and pick up skills and talents that allow you to make a bigger impact in the world.

Your multi-passionate nature isn't a liability. It's a strength, a superpower that allows you create innovative products and services, stand out from the crowd, and blaze a whole new trail for the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

Are you ready to finally step out of the box and thrive as the successful multi-passionate entrepreneur you were always born to be?

It's hard to achieve success when you go against your nature and force yourself to fit in a box that's too small for you. Trust me, I've tried it - more than once...

Niching down doesn't work for multi-passionates. We need a different playbook. One that allows you to create a thriving business without niching down, so you can get paid to do all the things you love - without boring yourself or confusing your clients. 

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As a multi-passionate, you need business strategies especially designed for creatives like you. But business strategies are just one part of the success equation.

The other part is mindset. I truly believe that success is an inside job. You will only take action if you believe that your goals are possible for you.

• If you're still sceptical that you can be successful without niching down
• If you think it's awkward charging people money for your work
• If you feel like an imposter for learning your craft on your own instead of getting a qualification from a prestigious institution
• If you believe you're too flaky and indecisive to stick to anything
• If you see your multi-passionate nature as a weakness, not a strength

you won't take the action you need to reach your goals and thrive in business. 


• Ditching the myth that you need to niche down to be successful
• Seeing your passions as strengths and using them all to do the work only you can do
• Changing the script in your head, so you stop buying into imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and all the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and broke
• Rewriting your story from flaky wantpreneur to feeling confident in your calling and your abilities to thrive as the multi-passionate entrepreneur you were always born to be

the real secret to success

Multi-passionate success coach (and total Enneagram 1), lover of books, all things beauty, and helping women fulfil their creative calling.

I'm a success coach for multi-passionate women, serial entrepreneur, and host of The Treasures Within podcast

I know what it feels like to not have a clue what to do with your life and still forcing yourself to pick one thing because you're told it's the only way to succeed in business.

I spent more than a decade turning every passion I had (separately) into a niche business. Some of them failed. Others were very successful. All of them bored me within two years.

It was only after I became a skincare coach that I realised something had to change...

To the outside world, I was living the dream. I was living in my dream city, earning consistent 10K months, working from my laptop in beautiful hotels and cafes, taking time off during the day to meet up with friends, and doing work I was passionate about.

Inside I was miserable. No matter how much money I was making or how many clients I had, my business felt like a prison I couldn't wait to escape from. Deep down, I knew that I wasn't meant to do just one thing.

It was only when I stopped fighting my multi-passionate nature and gave myself permission to do business in a way that works for me that everything changed and I finally found both the money, freedom AND fulfilment I craved...

I'm Giorgia

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My mum’s lasagne (she makes everything - yes, even the pasta dough - from scratch!). Delicious.


Journaling. Desire Inventory (yes, I make a list of my desires every morning). Gratitude list.

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Reading self-help books, listening to inspiring podcasts, and strolling around the streets of London (there’s always something new to discover here).



Buying too many cute dresses. Watching Supernatural over and over and over (team Dean all the way). Reading historical novels.

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London. I fell totally in love with this incredible city the first time I went here on holiday and immediately knew I would live here one day. Dreams do come true.

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That moment when my clients realise what they’re calling is and they have what it takes to make it happen.

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I've spent most of life feeling flaky for always starting from scratch and never being able to stick to anything for more than a few years.

Deep down, I knew I was meant to do more than one thing. Growing up, I wanted to be a primary school teacher, a writer of children's books, a makeup artist to the stars, an editor at Vogue, a volleyball player, a translator...

I wanted to do all the things that excited me and explore every opportunity to see where they would take me. But my parents, my teachers, everyone around me told me I could only do one thing when I grew up. I settled for teaching and... quickly realised I wasn't cut out to work in an academic environment. 

I spent the next few years lost and confused, not knowing which path to take next. So many things excited me, but nothing stood out as my one true passion. I was so afraid of taking another wrong turn, I let years pass by while I tried to pick the right passion in my head. Have you ever felt like this, too?

During those years, I started a beauty blog to reconnect with my passions for writing and beauty. Little did I know that decision would change my life forever.

I loved blogging so much, I decided to turn it into my full-time job. I started reading business books, taking online courses, and working with coaches and they all said the same thing: you have to choose one narrow niche to be successful.

My first idea was to be a makeup content creator and partner with brands to bring in revenue. Until I realised how much creative control I'd have to give away... 

Next, I used my blog as a portfolio for my freelancing writing career. I even moved to London, my dream city, to make the connections I needed to get this business off the ground. And it paid off. Within a couple of years, I was making a comfortable living writing (something I had dreamed of since I was a little girl) and cried myself to sleep every night. What was wrong with me?

I then pivoted into skincare coaching and, this time, I truly thought I had hit the jackpot. I had regular clients who raved about my services, was making consistent 10K months, was working from the prettiest cafes in London, I could travel and take time off whenever I wanted to.

To the outside world, I was living the dream. But, inside, I was miserable. 

my story

I tried niching down - multiple times - and I always felt trapped. No matter how passionate I initially was about an idea or how much money I was making, each niche business eventually turned into a prison I wanted out of. Does putting yourself in a box makes you feel stifled too?

It was time for me to own my multi-passionate nature, throw the traditional business rulebook out of the window, and give myself permission to do business my way. So I follow my heart and started a business that combined all my passions under one umbrella, The Treasures Within. I now help multi-passionate women create a business without niching down, just like I did, so you too can achieve financial and creative freedom doing all the things you love, without overwhelming yourself or confusing your clients.

This path felt right, but it wasn't without obstacles. I've learned the hard way that it's the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and your abilities, not the wrong business strategies, that stop you from achieving success and the financial and creative freedom you crave.

When I started earning as much money as my dad and double what my partner was making, my income plateaud. I tried all the strategies in the book (SEO, webinars, networking, social media, you name it...), but the belief that it was wrong to be more successful than the men in my life sabotaged all my efforts.  Now that belief has gone, I've more than doubled my income...

I started using videos in my business only last year because I was scared of being seen. I was in full imposter syndrome, believed all my past successes in business were a fluke and that, if I put myself out there, one day my luck would run out and people would realise what a fraud I was. I still cringe when I think of all the money I left on the table because of it.

I wasted years using Google as my business coach, downloading all the freebies, watching all the free webinars, and wearing all the hats in my business because I thought only 6-figures entrepreneurs hire coaches and virtual assistants and I was always broke. It wasn't until I started investing in the mentors and VAs I needed that the big money started coming in.

I came close to burnout more times than I care to count because I kept filling my days with tasks that didn't need to be done - because I was too scared to face my fear of success if I worked on the projects that moved the needle forward. If I became known for just one thing, would I ever be able to step out of the box and do anything else? Little did I know back then that the more successful you are, the more opportunities you get to step out of that damn box.

What is holding YOU back from going to the next level in your business and achieve the success you desire?

every time I faced a business struggle, there was
a limiting belief holding me back...

i only have one question for you: are you ready to rewrite your story and go from flaky wantpreneur to thriving entrepreneur?

Business strategies alone helped me grow my business... at a snail's pace. It was only when I started doing the mindset work to identify the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and rewrite the script running in my head that I was able to grow my business to the next level... and the next... and the next...

This is why I'm so obsessed with the mindset work. You deserve to do work you love, achieve financial freedom, work from anywhere, and anything else your heart desires. And if you're not there yet, there's one (or more) limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a life and business that doesn't fit you anymore.

Being multi-passionate in a world that wants you to be a one trick pony is hard. You feel like an imposter for always starting from scratch, awkward for charging money for your services, flaky because you're not 100% sure you'll stick to this forever after all and so why even start?... Are you buying into these stories too?

These stories don't have to define you. You get to write your own story, one where you get to do all the things you love, are paid what you're worth, and become the thriving multi-passionate entrepreneur you were always born to be.

i'm ready! Show me how!

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