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A different kind of success coach

Unlike other success coaches out there, I'll never pressure you to niche down. Instead, I'll help you turn all your passions into a profitable business, so you can get paid to do all the things you love - without overwhelming yourself or confusing your clients.

My job is to help you use your treasures and gifts to do your life's work, ditch the negative beliefs that make you doubt being a thriving multi-passionate entrepreneur is possible for you, and finally create a life of unlimited creativity and freedom - the freedom to pivot when you feel like it, work from anywhere, be in charge of your own time, and make more money than you thought possible from your passions.

tired to be told you need to niche down to be successful?

Tired of going round in circles trying to find your one true passion, so you can finally build the right business - one you'll stick to for once?

Here's the truth: multi-passionates don't have a one true passion. They have A LOT of passions - for a reason. You're meant to use ALL of them to do the work only YOU can do.

When multi-passionates settle for one passion and niche down, we all lose out. You get bored quickly and create a business that feels more like a prison (guess how I know?) and your clients don't benefit from all you have to offer. 

The alternative?

Let me show you how you too can create a successful business without niching down and blast through indecision, self-doubts and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and broke, so you can finally achieve complete freedom - creative, location, and financial.

Are you ready to step out of the box and become the successful multi-passionate entrepreneur you were always meant to be?


Want to know how to become the next successful multi-passionate entrepreneur? I share all my top tips, tricks, and resources on the podcast.

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I had always dreamed of doing something creative, but I wasn’t sure what that was - or even if it could pay the bills. Giorgia helped me identify what my unifying theme is and create an action plan to get there. I highly recommend working with her to find out what you’re born to do and get the support you need to create your dream business.


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Happy clients

I was struggling with a new business idea that I found exciting, challenging and scary at the same time. Giorgia helped me by making me look at my fears in a more objective way and in a different perspective. Now I am confident that I'll take my idea to the real world, to grow and thrive. I found this experience absolutely helpful and I recommend working with Giorgia to every woman who needs help to have the right mindset for reaching their goals.


Happy clients

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What a great coach! After having a consultation with Giorgia, she has helped me to discover my talents and interests. She really made me think out side the box and asked questions that made me dig deep for answers. Now I have a business idea in mind which combines a few of my passions. I've really enjoyed working with Giorgia.


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I'M giorgia

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur who, for years, jumped from one business idea to the other trying to monetize every passion I have, but nothing felt right. Pursuing only one passion at a time was like putting on a dress that didn't fit.

It was only when I started owning my multi-passionate nature and ditched the niche model that I was able to create a business that checks all the boxes: freedom, variety, money, and fulfilment.
Now I help multi-passionate creatives like you ditch the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and broke and create a thriving business without niching down.

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