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Ep 024: The Power Of Storytelling With Rebecca Mackay Miller


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Rebecca Mackay Miller podcast interview

Rebecca Mackay Miller, founder of BLOC + ROSE, is a brand and storytelling strategist, word of mouth aficionado, champion of camaraderie over competition and big believer that Figuring Shit Out is an art. 

She works with coaches, consultants and strategists to find the clarity and conviction needed to build wildly fulfilling brands that feel right and do good, their way, through feminine strategies rooted in universal truths, and the power of story.

In 2022 BLOC + ROSE will (hopefully!) become climate positive, donate a % of every sale to charities Tree Sisters and Furnishing Futures and support one female-led not-for profit, for free, who’re doing something incredible to empower women or protect our planet.

In a past life Rebecca Mackay Miller spent five years at the helm of a Word of Mouth agency and 10 years rising through the marketing ranks at beauty and beverage brands. She consults for agencies, corporates and delivers rousing, educational talks for entrepreneurs. Also make hats.

In this interview, we talk about the power of storytelling in business, how to share your story in a way that connects with your audience, how to know what and when to share, and lots more. Let’s dive in!

In This Episode:

  • Welcome Rebecca! Her story and how she found her calling. [02:34]
  • What was holding Rebecca back from starting her business? [08:17]
  • The importance of investing in support for your business vs trying do it all yourself. [11:12]
  • How can entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd with storytelling? [14:26]
  • How to translate your story into your brand strategy. [18:39]
  • The hero’s journey in brand storytelling. [22:24]
  • Should we keep telling our stories even in darker times (at the time this was recorded, the war in Ukraine had just started)? [27:37]
  • Should you use your voice to support the causes you believe in, even if there may be some backlash? [30:51]
  • Charities and organisations Rebecca supports and why. [33:25]
  • What does it mean to do business in a feminine way for Rebecca? [36:21]
  • In the past 3 years, what habit or belief has improved Rebecca’s life the most? [39:44]
  • Rebecca’s advice on how multi-passionates can create a business and life around all their passions. [43:10]
  • Parting words and how to connect with Rebecca. [45:03]


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“That’s how you carve your space because now there is literally no one else that will share your experience, your perspeptive, your quirks, like your sense of humor, your the way you look at things.”

“The things that you believe the world would be a better place. If all of these things were fundamentally true or believed, acted by everyone, your vision is what that world looks like when those things will become true. Your mission is what you do day to day to get your audience as close as you can get to that, and then your values are like the guiding principles that determine how to do that.”

“We want to leave the world in a better place than when we joined it in our own small way.”

“If you’re sharing something, it feels really good to you and comfortable to you and that you’re doing so from a place of authenticity and that what you’re putting out there is serving your audience first.”

“Just take your time with things, because actually, if something is being a little bit, if you’re feeling resistance to something now, it might just mean it’s not the right time.”

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