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7 Clear Signs You’re A Multi-Passionate Creative


August 23, 2021


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Is it me or everyone calls themselves a multi-passionate creative these days?

I totally see why. Everyone has multiple interests. Plus, it makes you sound kinda cool. 

But, having multiple interests isn’t the only requirement to enter the multi-passionate club. And so, if you’re wondering whether you’re multi-passionate or simply confused about what to do with your life, this is for you.

Here are 7 unmissable signs you ARE a multi-passionate creative:

1. You Have A Thousand Different Interests

It’s normal to have a few interests. Even specialists have hobbies they pursue in their free time. The difference?

Multi-passionate people have a thousand hobbies. Fashion. Hiking. Reading. Photography. Making your own jewellery. And your own skincare products. Hip hop dancing. Salsa dancing. Learning Spanish. And Japanese. Yoga. Meditation. Self-help. Vegan food. Spirituality. Astrology. Physics. Sewing…

The list goes on and on. You like everything. Every time you hear about a new discipline or activity, your first thought is, “That sounds cool. I’d love to give it a go!”

To the outside world, you look flaky and unfocused. But you know better: the world is full of fascinating options. Why limit yourself to just two or three?!

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2. Your Curiosity Is Insatiable

The reason why you want to pursue everything? Your curiosity is insatiable.

Most of the time, you don’t even care about pursuing an interest long-term or completing a project. You just want to learn as much about it as you can or experience what it’s like to be able to make your own products or work in a particular industry.

Once you’ve satiated your curiosity, you’re ready to move onto the next thing that piques your fancy.

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3. You Feel Overwhelmed By All The Options In Life

Should you become a professional photographer or a life coach?

Write a book or start a blog?

Start a jewellery business or a web design agency?

There are so many fascinating options out there. And every time you learn of a new job, you wish you could do that too. 

If you can relate to this, you’re definitely multi-passionate. Feeling like you have no clue about your purpose and what to do with your life is totally normal for you.

Truth is, you don’t have a calling. You have many – one for every stage of your life. For you, it’s not about figuring out what to do with your life. It’s about figuring out how best to use your passions, skills, and treasures to help people in this season of your life.

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4. You Switched Career/Business/Education A Lot

Did you switch majors once or twice in college? 

Are you jumping from job to job every few years – and they’re all in different industries?

Do you keep starting businesses and shutting them down when you get bored so you can pursue something else?

A random career pattern is a sure sign you’re a multi-passionate creative.

It’s NOT a bad thing. You’re not flaky. You’re just fulfilling your callings, one at a time.

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5. Choosing One Thing Feels Like A Life Sentence

Everyone wants you to niche down, specialise, pick one thing to do for the rest of your life. But you can’t. 

There are just too many fascinating options out there. Picking one feels like putting yourself in jail. Why do that?!

So what if, when people ask you “what do you do?”, you reply “a bunch of things.” As confusing as it seems to them, that feels right to you.

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6. You Pick Up Skills Faster

Starting from scratch every time has its benefits. You’re a pro at learning and pick up skills faster than others.

Jane of all trades and mistress of none? Not you. You may not reach excellence in everything you do, BUT you ARE good at anything you put your focus on. 

This is what sets a multi-passionate creative apart from an overwhelmed average Jane. While she’s struggling to complete multiple tasks well, you do it all splendidly without breaking a sweat.

This works out in your favour. It helps you thrive as an entrepreneur – and any other profession that requires you to wear many hats.

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7. You Must Share Your Treasures With The World

Do you want to monetise every passion you have?

Do you want to start a blog/podcast/Instagram channel for every interest you have?

Do you want to tell everyone you know about your latest hobby?

Multi-passionate creatives are the most generous people I know. They don’t go through life accumulating all kinds of knowledge and skills for the sake of it.

They do it so they can share them with the people who need them. You know that, if only people knew how to do this or that, their life would change for the better. 

If you identify with that, there’s a way to combine your skills and passions into one profitable online business, so you can fulfill your need to help people with your need to be financially independent.

Don’t know where to start? The first step is to download your FREE “Find Your Multi-Passionate Business Idea” to find out the unifying theme that links all your passions together and what business to start:

Wrapping It Up

If you have a thousand interests, pick up skills faster, have no clue what to do with your life and yet, have a deep desire to share everything you know with the world, you are a multi-passionate creative. Welcome to the club. You’ll love it here. 

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