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Ep 027: Using Brand Photography To Market Your Business With Saskia Albers


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Do you want to create a successful business without niching down, but have no idea how to incorporate everything you do under one umbrella? Do you ever wonder if you should have multiple IG accounts for each of the things you do or if just the one for everything will do? And what about brand pictures? How can you use images to tell your story and showcase every facet of you and every service you provide?

When it comes to business and photography, Saskia Albers believes it’s all about being yourself”:

“Allowing that full person that you are to come through and not maybe caring too much about what other people think in that way, because as long as you enjoy it, I’m sure that there will be other people who love what you do.”

Saskia Albers

Saskia Albers is a creative family and branding documentary photographer and filmmaker. She lives in London with her multicultural family. She enjoys trying new things, from experimenting with her photography to eating new dishes from faraway places. 

In her family films and photographs, she aims to capture the beauty of everyday life, and is inspired by moments of connection and intimacy. For her branding she aims to capture the people behind the business in an authentic and natural way. Trying to capture their story in a visually striking way.

In this interview, Saskia talks about how to incorporate everything you do under one umbrella (no need to niche down!), have a brand photoshoot that showcases all of who you are and do, pricing your services the right way, and so much more. Let’s dive in!

In this episode:

  • Welcome Saskia! Her story and how she found her calling. [02:04]
  • What was stopping Saskia from starting her own business and how did she overcome it? [03:20]
  • How to fit everything you do under one umbrella without confusing clients. [05:29]
  • Saskia’s raw photography style and why it’s ok it’s not for everyone [10:03]
  • How to capture the essence of a multi-passionate brand in a photoshoot. [13:15]
  • Common mistakes entrepreneurs make with branding shoots. [15:13]
  • What to look for in a branding photographer. [17:03]
  • Saskia’s photography process. [18:53]
  • What are the benefits of having a professional branding photoshoot? [20:10]
  • What’s one habit or belief that has improved Saskia’s life the most in the past 3 years? [23:11]
  • What’s one failure that set Saskia up for later success? [29:44]
  • How does Saskia decide which projects to focus on in her business? [33:15]
  • Saskia’s advice on how multi-passionates can create a business and life around all their passions. [35:19]
  • Parting words and how to connect with Saskia. [37:05]


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“It’s much harder, I think, to get new clients every time than to, you know, have really lovely clients who like all the services you provide.”

“We never realize actually the biggest gifts that our business is giving us is that it’s teaching us to prioritize ourselves. ”

“You’re not a separate person, so. Whatever blocks or things that are in your normal life, they will show up in your business.”

“It’s unnecessary to limit yourself in that way. Yeah. Sometimes, you know, people say it’s good to niche down and things like that, and that can be great. But yeah, if that’s not for you, then, then definitely don’t do it.”

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