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By asking you a few short, insightful questions about your patterns and beliefs, the Success Archetypes Quiz will provide you with unique insight into your success opportunities and challenges.

You'll receive a personalized report detailing your
Success Archetype and what it means for your business. 

What Is The 
Success Archetypes


The Creator: Giving, passion-driven, dedicated to your craft.

The Top Performer: High-Achieving, Thoughtful, and with a great eye for detail.

The leader: Visionary, risk-taking, courageous.

The Industry Expert: Knowledgeable, authentic, caring.

The Multi-Passionate: Free-spirited, original, versatile.





Each Success Archetype has its own strengths and weaknesses and its own unique path to success. When you understand how you're wired, your opportunities for growth and your self-sabotaging patterns, you can build a wildly profitable business from your passions - without the hustle and overwhelm.

Which Of The 5 Success
Archetypes Are You?

Finding out my money archetype simply blew me away! I suspected certain blockages in my cash inflow, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what the issue was. When I took the quiz, it was such a revelation to see that I am a Generous Artist and understand the challenges this archetype faces. Giorgia masterfully put in words what I experienced but couldn’t think. With the awareness this quiz gave me, I was able to blast through my blockages and see results! 


What Others Are Saying

Giorgia G is the mindset coach for ambitious fempreneurs who want to create a wildly profitable business doing the work they're meant to do in the world. She helps fempreneurs heal self-sabotage, pursue their calling, and create a biz and life that's better than their vision board.

Her programmes have helped fempreneurs all around the world. She's an introvert, host of The Treasures Within podcast, and is described by her clients as "your biggest cheerleader." She's from a tiny beach town in Italy and now lives in the swinging city of London.

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