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Ever wondered why some coaches and online service providers get all the visibility, clients, and money quickly while others struggle for years (even with the exact same strategies!?)?

They haven't cracked the IG algorithm, invested a fortune in ads, or are "better" than you.

They simply have an unshakeable confidence in themselves and their services and don't allow self-doubts and insecurities (your inner saboteurs!) to slow them down and get them stuck in busy work.

When you get rid of your inner saboteur and act like the confident coach and online service provider you are, success is inevitable... and easy.  

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Personalised results: Detailed report revealing your Success Archetype, with its unique opportunity for growth and the inner saboteur blocking your success, and what it means for your business.

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The Creator: Giving, passion-driven, dedicated to your craft.

The Top Performer: High-Achieving, Thoughtful, and with a great eye for detail.

The leader: Visionary, risk-taking, courageous.

The Industry Expert: Knowledgeable, authentic, caring.

The Multi-Passionate: Free-spirited, original, versatile.





Each Success Archetype has its own strengths and weaknesses and its own unique path to success. When you understand how you're wired, your opportunities for growth and your inner saboteur, you can become the go-to expert in your industry, make more money, and reach your next level of success.

Which Of The 5 Success
Archetypes Are You?

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Finding out my money archetype simply blew me away! I suspected certain blockages in my cash inflow, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what the issue was. When I took the quiz, it was such a revelation to see that I am a Generous Artist and understand the challenges this archetype faces. Giorgia masterfully put in words what I experienced but couldn’t think. With the awareness this quiz gave me, I was able to blast through my blockages and see results! 

What Others Are Saying

Giorgia G has helped hundreds of women all over the world to remove the business blindspots that prevent more visibility, more sales, and more money, and create unshakeable confidence in themselves and their services.

Her clients built businesses from scratch, got published in popular publications like Buzzfeed, went viral on Youtube, and even manifested a Mercedes!

Giorgia found there are 5 Success Archetypes that determine your level of success. Knowing yours is the first step to break the cycle of self-sabotage and reaching your big business and income goals with ease.

She's an ambitious introverted, an Italian living in the big city of London, and the host of The Treasures Within podcast.

Mindset Coach Giorgia G

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