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“I’m Feeling Bored!” 5 Ways To Overcome Boredom When You’re Multi-Passionate


August 30, 2021


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overcome boredom

Boredom is a multi-passionate’s kryptonite.

Other people can put up with a boring job or task for years without going into panic mode. Boredom’s just a fact of life for them.

You? As soon as the boredom bug bites you, you’re itching to ditch whatever you’re doing and start something new – and then feel guilty for never finishing anything.

How can you run a business if you can’t do the boring tasks required to make it thrive (bookkeeping and admin, anyone?)?!

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Why Do You Feel Bored?

Multi-passionates are learners and creatives. They love to learn new subjects, create new products, study new disciplines, and get their hands dirty until they’ve reached mastery.

And then, poof! Enthusiasm disappears and boredom sets in. 

Boredom is simply the desire for more mental stimulation. As soon as you’ve learned everything you can about a topic or completed a project, that stimulation isn’t there anymore. That awesome new project is now as interesting as an old pair of broken shoes.

Boredom is your body’s way of telling you to pursue something new, tackle a new project, go in a different direction.

You need to listen to your body and go into whatever new direction feels exciting to you. But, while you pivot, you still have a business to run, household chores to take care of, and things to do that bore you to death.

Here’s how to overcome boredom when you’re multi-passionate:

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How To Overcome Boredom When You’re Multi-Passionate

1. Use New Projects As Rewards

Stuck with a boring task when you’d much rather chase your new shiny idea? Use that as your reward for getting through the dreaded task. 

This is what I do when I have to do my bookkeeping (and anything else that’s as fun as banging your head against a wall, yet can’t be avoided if you want to have a successful business).

I promise myself that, as soon as I finish the task, I can dive deep into and explore my new shiny idea without guilt. It gives me something to look forward to… and I always end up finishing the dreaded task faster than I imagined. 


How are you going to reward yourself after completing this boring task? What’s that new shiny idea you’re itching to pursue?

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2. Work In Short Sprints

If a task is boring and long (that’s the worst, isn’t it?), divide it into small chunks. 

I like to use the Pomodoro technique. I set a timer for 25 minutes, get to work, and then take a 5 minute pause. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This works because it tells your brain you’ll be focused on it only for a limited time, making it more willing to tackle the task.

Sometimes, I bring in a reward, too. I make a pact with myself that, once the 25 minutes are up, I can listen to some music, read a chapter of a book, or work on my new shiny idea for 10 minutes before going back to the dreaded task.

This way, I don’t get stuck doing something boring for the entire day. Instead, every half an hour or so, I have something exciting to look forward to.


  • Divide your big, boring task into smaller chunks of time, anything from 25 minutes to an hour.
  • Decide how long your breaks are going to be and how you’ll use them.
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3. Make It Fun

Nothing has to be boring. Not even filing your taxes. There’s always a way to add some fun into the mix, so you can have fun in the process.


Here are a few ideas to make boring tasks fun:

  • Get an accountability buddy
  • Add music and dance
  • Listen to an inspiring podcast
  • Do it with friends
  • Do it in nature
  • Create a special ritual
  • Invent a fantasy

What else would make that boring task more fun and exciting? Whatever works for you and gets you excited is a winner.

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4. Question Your Boredom

Boring tasks are a part of life. You can’t always avoid them.

But, oftentimes, you get stuck in a rut. You keep doing the same thing you’ve always done because you’re afraid of what other people would say if you quit to do something different (again!) or of failing, or of getting out of your comfort zone a little.

That boredom is a sign that you’ve outstayed your welcome and need to do something new.

Next time the boredom bug hits you, ask yourself: “What is my boredom trying to tell me? Do I really have to do this or is it time to move onto something new?”

Don’t be afraid to pivot and change. That’s what makes life interesting.


Stuck in a rut for too long? Journal on these questions:

  • What is my boredom trying to tell me?
  • Do I really have to do this task? Will there be any negative consequence if I don’t?
  • Is it time to move onto something else?
  • What other activity or project could I be working on to overcome boredom?

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5. Outsource

So, you’ve questioned your boredom and realised you need to do something new?

That doesn’t always mean quitting your current business to start something new or do a massive pivot and completely change direction.

Sometimes, it just means you have to stop doing the boring tasks in your business to focus more on the areas that are in your zone of genius and totally light you up.


Grab pen and paper and answer these questions:

  • What business tasks is your boredom telling you to stop doing?
  • Are there any tasks on that list that DON’T need to be done? If your business will still work well without them, delete them from your to-do list.
  • What tasks could you automate? Make a plan and implement it.
  • What tasks could you outsource? Find the right people (even if it’s just a virtual assistant a couple of hours a week) and start building your team.

Your business will still run like clockwork and your boredom will disappear. Win win.

Wrapping It Up

The key to overcome boredom is to identify what it’s trying to tell you and take action on it. Boredom is just a sign to try something new, like changing your routine, doing different activities, or completely changing business direction. Don’t ignore it.

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