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Ep. 044: Live Your Bucket List: A Step-By-Step Process To Achieve Everything You Want In Biz And Life with Julia Goodfellow-Smith



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Hi there! I'm Giorgia, a mindset coach + healer on a mission to help you heal self-sabotage, so you can build a wildly profitable business from your passions.

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Live your bucket list

Do you ever wish you had 48 hours in a day to do all the things you want to do?

Do you struggle to prioritise and finish projects when there’s always a new shiny idea pulling at you?

Are you ready to make 2023 the year you live your bucket list and start making your big business, income, and lifestyle goals your reality?

Julia Goodfellw-Smith has turned the prioritisation process into an art. She’s an ordinary person during something extraordinary – living her bucket list. This has included activities like becoming self-employed, owning a woodland, hiking the South West Coast Path, cycling King Alfred’s Way and becoming a best-selling author with her book “Live Your Bucket List”.

In this interview, she shares the step-by-step process she uses to decide which bucket list item to pursue next and practical tips to make it a reality – especially when that item is so big and juicy, it feels overwhelming:

In This Episode

  • Welcome Julia! Her story and how she decided to live her bucket list. [01:26]
  • Challenges and doubts Julia had to overcome when she first decided to start living her bucket list. [03:13]
  • How does Julia plan for potential pitfalls before she starts working towards one of her goals? [05:19]
  • How to pick which bucket list item to pursue first. [07:45]
  • How to find your values. [20:03]
  • Turning your bucket list dream into a SMART goal. [22:06]
  • How often does Julia add or remove items from her bucket list? [25:25]
  • Should you prioritise stretchy goals?  [28:06]
  • What’s one way multi-passionates can build a life and business around all their passions? [30:17]
  • Parting words and how to connect with Julia. [30:56]


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“Once you’ve done that scoring process, have a look at what your list looks like, the top two or three items, do they really make you more excited than the other things on your list?”

“It’s very easy to do these things and come up with a score and then think, oh, I should be doing that. That’s not the idea of your bucket list. The idea of your bucket list is that you are really raring to go and really excited about something..”

“It gives me a direction of travel in life, having a bucket list, and it means that I’m always doing something that’s important to me and something that will stretch me, something that will help me to help other people better.“

With love,

Giorgia x

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I'm Giorgia, mindset coach and healer on a mission to help you heal self-sabotage, so you can finally reach the big biz + income goals that have eluded you up until now.

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how are you sabotaging your biz success?

Take the quiz to discover the real reason YOU don't have the business success, clients, and money you want yet. What could you achieve if you healed that?

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Committed to healing self-sabotage, so you can finally reach your big biz + income goals? Find out if I'm the right coach for you and how I can support you in making those goals your reality.

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