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Are You Scared You May Never Fulfil Your Full Potential?

Life Purpose

October 26, 2020


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Hi there! I'm Giorgia, a life purpose and business coach. I help you find your calling and turn it into a business, so you can make the impact you were born to make.

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Are you scared you may never fulfil your full potential?

It’s my biggest fear. I still remember all those sleepless nights, tossing and turning in my bed, wondering, “what the heck am I supposed to do with my life?”

I knew that I was meant for something more, that I had skills and passions I could use to help others. And yet, I had no idea what that was or how to make it happen.

What if I wasted all my life trying to find it and never did? And what if I found it and I still didn’t pursue it?

Because, that happened too.

I figured out four years ago my calling was to be a life purpose coach… and then promptly proceeded to ignore it for three years because I was too scared:

What if I’m not good enough?

What if I fail and make a fool of myself?

What if no one wants to work with me?

Here’s the truth: fulfilling your full potential means finding your life purpose AND overcoming every mindset block and fear you have so you can pursue it.

That’s why most people never make it. They ignore the call (or don’t try to find it in the first place) because they’re too scared of facing their fears.

But, what’s the alternative? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to get to my deathbed and wish I had had the courage to follow my purpose and give it my all.

I want to get to my deathbed and know that I die peacefully because my job here is done.

If that’s your wish, too, here’s what it really takes to fulfil your full potential:

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1. Figure Out Your Life Purpose

You’re one of a kind. There are billions of people in the world and yet no one has your unique mix of passions, skills, and values. That’s not a coincidence.

These passions, skills, and values are what I call “The Treasures Within”. They’re the clues your purpose leaves behind. If you have the courage to follow them, they’ll lead you straight to your calling.

The first thing I do when working with a new client is to take them through this Purpose Finder process. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. Passion: What activities make you lose completely track of time? What things do you collect? 
  2. Skills: What are you really good at? What do people always ask you to do for them because they know you’re amazing at it?
  3. Values: What’s the most important thing in the world for you? If you had a magic wand and could solve one big world problem, what would that be?

I’m both passionate and skilled at writing and teaching and I believe that everyone should have the best possible education to help them fulfil their aspirations.

Is it any wonder that I became a life purpose coach?

If you have no idea what your life purpose is, download the Purpose Finder Workbook below. It features questions and exercises designed to help you find your life purpose, so you can finally start doing your life’s work.


Ready To Find Your Life Purpose?

Feel like you’re meant for more but not sure what that is yet? Download the Purpose Finder Workbook to find out your calling today (plus weekly tips on how to pursue it).

Thank you for subscribing!

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2. Figure Out Who You Are

How well do you know yourself? 

Do you know:

  • What motivates you?
  • What things you can tolerate and which ones are a dealbreaker for you?
  • What environment/conditions you need to do your best work?
  • What your biggest weaknesses and strengths are?
  • What your fears and limiting beliefs are?
  • What success looks like to you?

You’d better know because this stuff is running the show. 

If you dream of having a coaching business that allows you to make an impact and have more time for your family, you won’t be happy if you sign on too many clients and have to work weekends, no matter how much money you make that way.

If you’re trying to reach the next revenue goal, but money doesn’t motivate you, you won’t get there unless you have a a bigger purpose for that money.

If you’re afraid of success because you think people won’t like you when you make it, you’ll sabotage every opportunity you get, for example, by taking too long to reply to an email and say yes to an amazing opportunity. Guess how I know?

The better you know yourself, the easier it’ll be to overcome challenges and reach your goals.

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3. Focus On Your Purpose, Not Your Job

If you’re multipassionate, the idea of having only one life purpose is scary. Is there anything more boring than doing just one thing for the rest of your life?

That’s not how your life purpose works. Your life purpose is not a marketer who wants to put a label on you, so it’s easier to sell you.

Your life purpose is your life’s work, the overarching mission you were born to fulfil. And you can fulfil it in lots of different ways.

My life purpose is to help other women find their life purpose and pursue it. I choose to fulfil it by coaching them to find their calling and turn it into a business.

But, I could also fulfil it by becoming a motivational speaker. Or a high school teacher. Or a career counsellor. Or a writer. I could even create a set of physical journals and other tools designed to help people find their purpose.

And, who knows? Maybe in the next few years, I’ll do some of those things, too. 

When you focus on your purpose, on that mission you want to accomplish, the next step becomes clear. 

Sometimes, that means expanding your business. Other times, it means a complete change of career. Don’t question it. Just do it.

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4. Face Your Fears And Take Action

Fulfilling your potential means always living (just) outside your comfort zone.

There’s no way around this. If you want to fulfil your purpose, you need to take action and do things that you’ve never done before.

All kinds of fears will come up:

  • What if I fail and make a fool of myself?
  • What if I succeed and people don’t like me anymore?
  • What if I don’t have what it takes?
  • What if no one wants to work with me?
  • What if I’m too old/young to get started?
  • What if I’ll be rejected?
  • What if I’ll be trolled and harassed online?

And by the way, these fears never really go away. As you overcome one fear and go to the next level, a new fear (or an old one with a new dress) will come up.

It’s totally normal. Anything outside of your comfort zone sends your brain into a panic mode and conjures up worst case scenarios (they almost never happen, by the way).

This is where most people quit. They get scared and run back to their comfort zone.

What they never realise is how small those fears truly are. Oh, they look big and scary and like they could kill at any moment.

But when you face them head on, you realise they almost never come true. Reality is much safer than fantasy.

The trick is to take it one step at a time. Break down your goal into smaller tasks and do one of them at a time. 

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5. Get Support

I’ll tell you a secret: this myth of the self-made man (or woman) is just a myth. No one fulfils their full potential on their own.

You need a support system in place:

  • A family who’s there for you no matter what.
  • Friends who truly get you and encourage you to pursue your dreams.
  • Colleagues who share your same dreams and struggles, give you advice, and help you on your journey.
  • Mentors to teach you what you don’t know.
  • Coaches to challenge you to always face your fears and go to the next level.

If you don’t have anyone in your life who can fulfil one or more of these roles for you, go find them.

I can’t stress this enough. Without the proper support system, you’ll quit at the first hurdle. You need people who believe in you and encourage you to keep going when you feel like giving up.

You also need someone to show you the way. If you want to do something you’ve never done before, like starting a business, getting support from someone who’s been there and done that can fast-track your journey and success.

If you need more help with this, I have a coaching programme that can help you. It takes you all the way from finding your life purpose and figuring out exactly what to do with your life to turning it into a business, so you can make the impact (and more money) doing what you were born to do. Click here for all the details.

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I'm Giorgia, a life purpose and business coach. I help you find your calling and turn it into a business, so you can make the impact you were born to make.

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purpose finder worksheet

Have no idea what you're born to do or what business to start? Find out today.



purpose finder worksheet

Have no idea what to do with your life and what business to start? Download the Purpose Finder Worksheet to find out today.

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