How To Finish Projects When You're Multi-Passionate

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How To Finish Projects When You’re Multi-Passionate


August 2, 2021


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Do you ever feel guilty for not finishing what you start?

You dive deep into a new interest, tell everyone you know about it, maybe you even start a business around it and…

…Just when it seems you’ve found IT, you lose all interest and quit.

It doesn’t just happen once. It happens all the time. Sort of like a multi-passionate curse.

The world calls you flaky. Why can’t you stick to one thing like everyone else?!

But, the world doesn’t understand multi-passionates. You’re wired differently. Just like you’re not meant to be a specialist and do one thing forever, you’re also not meant to finish everything you start.

Not in the traditional way, anyway.

Here’s what finishing really looks like for multi-passionates:

The Specialist’s Finish

Every project has a beginning, middle, and an end.

In a specialist’s world (and this IS a specialist’s world), finishing a project means seeing it through to the end. It means writing the entire book, sticking to your first business idea until the day you retire, and releasing every product you’ve ever started working on.

This is how things get done. The key to a productive society.

I’m all for getting things done and being productive, but the specialist’s finish has one major flaw: it’s so focused on achievements, it never questions whether something should be achieved in the first place.

Finishing something just for the sake of finishing isn’t productive. It’s busy work that takes your focus away from the things you’re really meant to be doing.

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The Multi-Passionate’s Finish

Multi-passionates see the world through a different lense. Getting stuff done doesn’t matter much to you.

What truly matters to you is the journey, not the outcome. You love the learning process, mastering new skills, having new experiences, meeting new people…

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to move onto the next thing. And you’re totally ok with that and following your next interest wherever it leads you.

It’s the outside world that has problems with that and makes you question whether there’s something wrong with you.

There’s nothing wrong with you, my multi-passionate friend. Once you’ve got what you wanted out of a project, business, or passion, give yourself permission to move on.

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How To Finish Projects As A Multi-Passionate

You’ve already finished every project you’ve started. You just didn’t do it the traditional way, so you think you haven’t.

Multi-passionates are starters, not finishers. When the passion disappears, it’s time to wrap up what you’re doing and move on. Here’s how:

1. Hand It Over To Someone Else

Multi-passionates are the creatives. The visionaries. The designers.

Your job is to create the vision, design the project, come up with new ideas and ways of doing things, invent new products, start new businesses…

But, you don’t have to implement your ideas yourself. The world is full of people who can execute your ideas, manage your businesses, and manufacture your products.

Richard Branson is the perfect example. The guy owns more than 400 companies! Do you think he manages them all himself?

Of course not! Richard is a visionary. He comes up with a vision, a better way to do business, improve customer’s experience, and disrupt an industry.

And then, he looks for people who can carry that vision through and manage his business while he goes and creates the next one.

You can do the same. If you want to see your project birthed into the world, but don’t want to do the work yourself, hand it over to someone else.

There are a few ways to do this. You can hire them to work for you. Sell them your project/business. Give them the idea for free. Whatever works for you.

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2. Archive It

Some projects are just not meant to be finished. Not by you. Not by anyone else.

If this is the case, wrap the project up. If it’s a physical project, place all the pieces and tools in a box. If it’s a digital one, put all the files in one folder.

Then, write a quick note about what the project is about, what you got out of it, and why it’s time to move on.

If you think there’s even a slight chance you may want to resume it in the future, write down the current stage of the project and what the next steps would be.

Then, put it away in your garage, an old wardrobe, or a special folder in your laptop dedicated to your finished projects. 

This is a way to honour the work you’ve already done and celebrate what you’ve learned from every project. 

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Wrapping It Up

Multi-passionates finish everything they start, just not in the traditional way. Give yourself permission to move onto something else once the passion has gone and celebrate your accomplishments. You’ve done way more in a couple of years than most people do in a lifetime. Be proud of that.

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I'm Giorgia, a life purpose and business coach. I help you find your calling and turn it into a business, so you can make the impact you were born to make.

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