What To Do When You Feel Discouraged While Chasing Your Dreams

what to do when feeling discouraged while chasing your dreams
Many feel discouraged because they have not measured up to their potential.
Joseph B. Wirthlin

Do you ever feel discouraged when things don’t go your way?

It’s not like you expect to pick up a new skill in a week or become an overnight success. But when you try your best, day in and day out, to make things happen and they don’t… 

I had one of those days last week. The Treasures Within isn’t my first business, but it’s been the most challenging to grow.

It’s the one I care about the most. I truly feel like this is my life purpose. The work I’m here on this planet to do. 

So when no one reads an article I write or not enough people open up my newsletters, I get disheartened.

I start questioning if I’m really on the right path? Maybe I should just give up and quit, get a 9-5 like most of my friends have…

How do you keep going when you feel discouraged? Here’s what I do when I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back in the game:

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What To Do When You Feel Discouraged

1. Don’t Quit

What’s the point of persevering if nothing’s happening? Maybe your friends are right. Maybe you should just quit.

Don’t. Quitting is just an easy way out. A way not to feel the sting of disappointment. 

It always backfires. When you quit, you’re left wondering, “did I give it my all? What if I had kept trying for that little bit longer?”

I know the idea of quitting The Treasures Within popped into my mind last week, when I checked my stats and realised it wasn’t growing as fast as I’d like it to – even though I know it’s early in the game and it hasn’t had a proper chance to grow yet!

It’s one of the tricks your Inner Mean Girl plays on you. She doesn’t like it when you get out of your comfort zone, put yourself out there and try new things.

But all your dreams happen outside of your comfort zone, that new unexplored area your Inner Mean Girl dreads so much.

Tell her to shut up and persevere. If you keep showing up and doing the work every single day, you’ll get where you want to go.

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2. Reframe Your Thoughts

You don’t always have a choice about what happens in your life. But you can always choose how you feel about it.

While you’re feeling discouraged you’ve only reached 560 followers your first month on Instagram, there’s someone else out there who feels elated by the same feat.

The result is the same. It’s the way you think about it that determines how you feel.

You can feel discouraged you’re not growing fast enough, wonder why you’re putting in all this work for no return, and quit.

Or you can celebrate your accomplishment. Growing on Instagram (and anything else that’s worth doing, for that matter) is hard. When you realise that, you can feel happy that all your hard work is slowly paying off and feel motivated to continue.

The choice is yours. 

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3. Manage Your Expectations

If I read one more “I Made $120K In One Hour” post, I swear I’m gonna scream. 

It’s a scam. Maybe that coach did sell out every spot in her mastermind in one hour… but that hour is the result of years spent building up her brand, networking with influencers who can spread the word, and constantly improving her skills. Remove all that and the mastermind wouldn’t sell. At all.

It’s this kind of scam marketing that makes you think you can achieve results straight away. Heck, you don’t just think it’s possible. You expect it to happen, like it’s a given or something.

Truth bomb: there’s no guarantee in life. Just because you expect something to happen, it doesn’t mean it will.

Next time you feel discouraged because something isn’t happening fast enough, ask yourself if your expectations are realistic. Then, let them go.

The only thing you can do is give it your best shot. The outcome is out of your hands.

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4. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

It’s easy to feel discouraged when you compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.

Maybe you want to create a successful online empire like Marie Forleo or write the next best-selling fantasy saga like J.K.Rowling.

But when you launch your online course, not a single person signs up. And your manuscript has been rejected by 10 publishers already. It’s enough to discourage you and make you throw in the towel.

Don’t. You idols have been exactly where you are when they first started out. Did you know that Harry Potter was rejected by 12 publishers before someone took a chance on the book?

Everyone struggles when they first start out. You just never earn about it. Especially in the age of social media, where everyone is displaying their highlight reel for the world to see and posting photos of themselves in front of Michelin restaurants… when in reality they’ve been eating noodles for a month!

You don’t know what’s going on in other people’s lives or what challenges they had to overcome to get to where they are now. 

Ignore what everyone else is doing and stay on your lane. Focus all your energy on doing the best work you can. It’s the fastest way to make your dreams come true.

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5. Focus On The Next Step, Not The Long-Term Goal

If your dream doesn’t scare you or seems impossible to achieve, it’s not worth pursuing. But how do you pursue something that seems so out of reach?

The trick is to focus on the next step you need to take to make the dream happen, not the final destination.

I have big plans for The Treasures Within. I want to create an online school where women can learn all the important life skills no one teaches you. Like how to find your life purpose, pursue the career of your dreams, and make more money doing what you love. 

Right now, it feels impossible. I have no idea how to do any of this or if I have what it takes to make it happen. 

It’s overwhelming. So I don’t focus on it. I focus on the next task I have to do. Like writing this article. Going to another networking event. Doing a coaching call. 

When you feel discouraged about the enormity of the task ahead, break it down into the smallest possible step. Then do it.

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Over to you, now. What do you do to keep going when you feel discouraged and like you should giving up on your dreams? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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