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Ep 023: You Can’t Choose Wrong



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Hi there! I'm Giorgia, a mindset coach + healer on a mission to help you heal self-sabotage, so you can build a wildly profitable business from your passions.

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Have you been spinning your wheels for years, trying to pick your one true passion and, in the meantime, you do nothing, you don’t try to monetise any of your passions because what if you choose wrong?

What if you start the wrong business? Or pivot your current business in the wrong direction? 

I know all too well how paralysing that fear of getting stuck in the wrong box is. The world already calls you flaky and indecisive. If you start a business and then realise it’s not the right fit for you, if you quit one more time, you’re just going to prove the naysayers right. 

You also lose a bit of trust in yourself. Every time you think you’ve got IT and then you lose interest, you lose a bit of trust in your ability to make the right decision.

It feels safer to hold back and do nothing until you have it all figured out in your head and know with 100% certainty that this is the right business idea for you.

The problem with this is that you’ll never figure it out in your head. I know this from personal experience and from working with clients.

If you could think your way to the right answer, you’d have your dream business already. Thinking doesn’t work because you won’t know whether you like something until you take action and start playing around with it.

Even just a couple of hours of experimentation, of getting your hands dirty with your idea, will tell you if this is something you’re interested in pursuing further or if you’re totally off track.

Why is that so hard to do? Why don’t you give yourself permission to experiment with your passions and see where they lead you, without the pressure of getting it right from the very beginning?

Confusion Is Self-Sabotage

Confusion is a form of self-sabotage. Here’s why. Starting or pivoting a business is risky. It requires you to get out of your comfort zone and do things you’ve never done before. It requires you to risk failure, to risk judgement, to risk criticism… All things that your mind wants you to protect you from.

When you tell yourself you’re confused, you’re off the hook. Now you don’t have to start your business and risk failure. The best part is that other people let you off the hook, too.

Most people are too scared of starting something without having it all figured out in their heads first, so as long as you say you’re confused, they won’t push you to do it either. It’s the perfect excuse.

I know right now you’re probably thinking, “but Giorgia, I’m really confused! I really don’t know what passion to pursue, what business to start!”

I believe you when you say you’re feeling confused. I’ve been there too. And I’ll challenge you, like my coach challenged me: “If you don’t know, who should I ask? And, what would you do IF you did know?”

Because you DO know. The answers are already inside of you. I’ve worked with so many clients over the years and, inevitably, I’ve seen the same pattern emerge.

They’d come to me with no idea what passion to pursue and what business to start and, after an intense coaching session, they’ll suddenly blurt out what it is they truly want to do – only to find some excuse why it’s not possible for them two seconds later.

Because the moment you admit to yourself what it is you’re called to do, fear comes in. And so, it’s easier to tell yourself that’s not the right idea, keep looking for this mythical passion that doesn’t exist, and stay in a state of confusion. Are you stuck in this loop too?

can't choose wrong 02

My Story

The first step to get out of this loop is admit to yourself that thing you’d like to pursue – there’s always one, even when you’re multi-passionate. And, it’s ok if it doesn’t make sense.

For me, it was starting a beauty blog. I had been stuck in this vicious cycle for years, trying to think my way to the right business idea when, one day, I felt this urge to start a beauty blog.

I ignored that urge for many months because it didn’t make any sense to me. I had always liked writing but, by that point, I hadn’t written anything in years.

I had given up writing because everyone said you couldn’t make money with it and to focus on a proper job. I regret taking that advice now as my passion for writing would be the key that helped me find what I’m meant to do in life.

But I’m getting further ahead here. Starting a beauty blog didn’t make sense for another reason. This was 2008. This was back in the very early days of blogging, where you could still blog anonymously.

There were no influencers there. There were no big deals with brands. No social media. No personal brands. We bloggers were just girls sharing our passions online.

We weren’t trying to monetise our blogs in any way. For us, it was just a fun hobby, a creative outlet. People told us we were wasting our time, that blogging would never lead anywhere. Well, we know how wrong that prediction was.

But again, at that time, as I was trying to find my business idea, starting a beauty blog – and I had never worked in the beauty industry before, I was just passionate about all things and makeup – didn’t make any sense at all.

And yet, when that urge didn’t go away after months of ignoring it, I decided to give it a go. What did I have to lose?

Little did I know that decision would change my life forever. Over the years, that blog gave me some amazing opportunities.

I used it as a portfolio to kickstart my freelance writing career for beauty brands, which then led me to offer skincare consultations as a skin coach, and eventually pivot again to what I do today, mentoring multi-passionate women to do the exact thing I did, start thriving businesses from your passions and get over all the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and broke. 

I had no idea in 2008, when I started that blog, that I would end up here. And, not gonna lie, along the way, some of those pivots felt like failures. I thought being a freelance writer was my calling and, when that bored me after a couple of years, I did feel flaky. 

Now, looking back at my journey, I know that was a stepping stone to where I am now. I’d never be here recording this podcast and coaching these amazing multi-passionate women if I hadn’t gone through that experience.

woman in yellow dress

Why You Can’t Choose Wrong

And it was such a random thing! A beauty blog. Who would have thought, right? This is why I’m telling you you can’t choose wrong.

There’s no right choice for you to make. No right place for you to start. Whatever you pick is right because it’s going to take you exactly where you need to go.

And you don’t know where that is, so you can’t plan the whole thing from the start. That’s the scary part, isn’t it? You want to know what the entire journey looks like but… where’s the fun in that? 

All you need to know is to pick whatever you feel called to do now – and there’s always something that calls you more than everything else – even when you’re multi-passionate and have 100 ideas swirling in your brain.

It’s that thing you just can’t get out of your head – even after months of ignoring it. It’s that thing that excites you and scares you or that doesn’t make any sense.

Maybe, for you too that’s starting a blog. Or you feel called to move to a different city. Or to take an online course or work with a particular coach.

Start there and see where it takes you. It could be your next six-figure business. Or you can lose all interest in it because you’ve found something else that interests you more. Some passions are just stepping stones to what you’re really meant to do. 

Just trust that, whatever you feel called to do is the right thing and will take you where you need to go. Once you take action and start exploring your idea, the next step will naturally appear and you’ll be offered opportunities you never knew were possible.

The Only Wrong Choice You Can Make

The only wrong choice you can make is not to choose at all. The more you stay stuck in confusion and indecision, the less time you have left to pursue your dreams and do all the things you’re meant to do on this planet.

Staying stuck in confusion is a choice. Because at any time, you could choose to try something, take any action, to get unstuck. So make that choice. Because what’s the alternative? 

Your brain fools you into thinking that, when you don’t choose anything, you’re safe. In reality, you just get more of what you DON’T want.

You stay stuck in a job and life that don’t light you up. You keep living the life other people expect you to live, helping other people make their dreams come true, while yours never happen.

You never get to do work you love. You never get to achieve the financial and location independence you crave. Is that the life you want to live? If you’re listening to this, probably not.

Worse, not choosing anything is a big waste of your talents. It’s a waste of your potential. It’s a waste of the contribution you can make in the world.

There are people out there who need your exact mix of talents and skills, who need what you have to offer, people only you can help and it’s your duty to help them.

Each project and business you start can help someone. Even if you abandon it a few months later, the experience will give you skills and knowledge you can transfer to your next venture and help people in a whole new way – a way that’s better aligned with your unique mix of passions and skills, your personality, and the impact you want to have in the world.

So start – anywhere. Take that first step and enjoy the journey. I promise you, you’re in for the best ride of your life.

Wrapping It Up

I want to end this by reaffirming that you really can’t choose wrong. I’ll say that again, you really can’t choose wrong – because you’re not meant to choose. You’re meant to pursue the things that interest you and trust that, if something calls you, it’s meant for you and will lead you exactly where you’re supposed to go. 

The only wrong choice is not to choose at all and waste your life – and your talents – away. What would you do if you truly believed that? What’s the first step you’d take? Start there. Take that step.

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I'm Giorgia, mindset coach and healer on a mission to help you heal self-sabotage, so you can finally reach the big biz + income goals that have eluded you up until now.

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