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5 Business Lessons Marie Forleo Can Teach You About Being A Successful Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur


August 9, 2021


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Marie Forleo is THE multi-passionate entrepreneur – she’s the woman who coined the term in the first place.

Marie started off her career by jumping from one job to another. She first worked in Wall Street, then in the ad department at Mademoiselle Magazine, and, at some point, juggled life coaching with bartending and being a Nike Elite Athlete. 

When it became unsustainable, she decided to bring all her passions under the umbrella of personal development.

Today, she runs B-School, an online marketing school for women entrepreneurs; is the host of Marie TV, a Youtube show where she dishes out business advice at the rhythm of hip hop music; has written two best-selling books; and I’m sure she’s working on the next exciting thing as I’m writing this.

How did she do it? Here are 5 lessons about thriving as a successful multi-passionate entrepreneur we can all learn from Marie Forleo:

Lesson 1: Incorporate All Your Passions Into Your Business

When Marie decided to quit her career as a Nike Elite Athlete to focus all her energies on growing B-School, her online marketing training for women entrepreneurs, she didn’t give up on her passion for performing.

Hip hop dancing became a key feature of her Youtube videos and book tours – one that makes her stand out from the competition and turns casual watchers into raving fans.

Just because you’re niching down (a term I hate, too), it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate your other passions into your business.

You just need to know which passions deserve center stage and which passions are the side-kicks. For Marie, marketing and entrepreneurship are the stars of the show. Hip hop dancing is the cute side-kick that makes her brand unique.

Which of your passions are the stars of the show and which ones are the sidekicks? Get clear on that and you’ve got your business idea.

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Lesson 2: Everything Is Figureoutable

Being an entrepreneur means being a problem-solver.

You don’t just need to understand what pain points your customers have, so you can solve them. You also need to solve every problem they encounter while they’re working with you.

Your employees (or VA, if you’re just starting) will come to you to know how to deal with any issue that pops up while they work on their tasks.

Then, there are the unexpected problems. A website that crashes during a launch. A wifi that stops working an hour before you’re hosting a webinar. A product that no one buys.

Did I mention all the projects you want to accomplish, but have no clue on even how to get started on them yet?

When challenges happen, keep calm and find a solution. Everything is figureoutable. 

If you don’t know how, ask for help. Take a class. Hire a mentor. Google it. Every problem has a solution and, the sooner you go from panic to action, the sooner you’ll find it.

The only thing that will kill your business is you giving up.

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Lesson 3: Clarity Comes From Engagement, Not Thought

Are you going round in circles trying to figure which business to start, which project to pursue, which product to create? There are just so many fascinating options!

Thinking about it only drives you crazy. Let’s face it, if your mind had the answer, you’d know what to do already.

Like Marie always says, clarity comes from engagement, not thought. If you don’t know which option to choose, start exploring them. Get your hands dirty and see where each idea leads you. 

The way you feel while you pursue it will tell you all you need to know.

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Lesson 4: Simplify To Amplify

Multi-passionate entrepreneurs love to add things to their businesses.

When I first started The Treasures Within, I created 5 opt-ins for my email newsletter, opened accounts on all the main social media platforms, and wrote a blog that covered all kinds of topics, from productivity to finding your purpose.

I spent more time creating stuff for an audience I didn’t yet have than actually building my audience. No wonder my business wasn’t growing! 

When you’re spreading yourself too thin, you stay stuck. Nothing grows. Clients don’t come. You don’t make any money.

Marie only has a couple of products. She knows she’s great on video, so she focuses most of her marketing efforts on her YouTube channel. She’s always looking for ways to simplify her business, so she can amplify her reach and growth.

You don’t need to only sell one product, if that bores you. But you need to know what the key areas of your business (products, marketing channels, systems etc) are, so you can focus your efforts there.

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Lesson 5: Own Your Multi-Passionate Nature

Like every multi-passionate creative, Marie spent years feeling broken for wanting to do more than just one thing and not quite knowing how to put it all together. 

Until she came up with the term multi-passionate entrepreneur. As she told Forbes, “suddenly, building an email list while bartending was fine, as was giving life-coaching sessions whilst competing around the world as a Nike Elite Athlete.”

Owning her multi-passionate nature gave Marie permission to do all the things she loves, do business in a way that works for her, and create her life on her own terms – not what society thinks she should do. The rest is history.

When you own who you are – every part of you and all the things you love – you become unstoppable.

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Wrapping It Up

Marie Forleo is proof that you can thrive as a successful multi-passionate entrepreneur. The key is to own your multi-passionate nature and have an everything is figureoutable attitude to business. 

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