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How To Build Confidence In Yourself, So You Can Create A 6+ Figures Business


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How do you build the confidence to create a 6+ figures business that allows you to make an income and an impact doing the work you’re meant to do in the world?

It’s so easy to scroll through Instagram and think those 6+ figures entrepreneurs were born with unshakable confidence. And yet, at some point, they were all where you are now…

🔵 Scared of taking that first step…

🔵 Scared of choosing the wrong business idea…

🔵 Scared of going for it and failing…

🔵 Scared of being judged and criticised…

🔵 Scared of not being able to handle success once they made it…

The only difference between you and them? They didn’t let their lack of confidence stop them. They built confidence in themselves so they could make their dreams a reality.

You can do the same. Here’s how to build the confidence to create your 6+ figures business (and anything else you desire):

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How To Build The Confidence To Create A 6+ Figures Business

Wondering how you too can build confidence in yourself, so you can finally build your 6+ figures business and do all the things you’ve always dreamed of doing? Here’s what helped me:

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Mindset Shift #1: Confidence Is A Result, Not A Requirement

As my coach James Williams always reminds me, confidence is a result, NOT a requirement.

Confidence is not a requirement to start your business, write your book, or do that thing you dream of doing. You’re allowed to start without skills or competence. In fact, you MUST. It’s the only way to build confidence!

Confidence is a result. It’s what happens when you get better and better at something you have never done before.

Think of everything you’ve ever learned in your life. At first, you were hesitant and insecure. But, as your skills grew, so did your confidence. What was once hard has now become second nature.

The same will happen as you build your business. But only if you give yourself permission to start before you feel ready.


Set a date in your calendar to start working on your business (or doing whatever else you dream of doing). When the day and time comes, take a deep breath and just do it.

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Mindset Shift #2: Adopt A Beginner’s Mindset

Developing skills – and the confidence that results from that – is uncomfortable. In that initial learning phase, you’ll make a lot of mistakes. You’ll mess up. You’ll feel like you have no clue what you’re doing and want to quit.

It’s totally normal. Just remember when you first learned to walk or ride a bike. How many times did you fall down and hurt yourself? But you never let that stop you. You always got back up until you mastered it. Yet, somewhere along the way, you bought into this idea that you should master everything new on the first try. If you make a mistake or show people you’re still a beginner at it, you’ll be judged and ridiculed.

For me, that happened in primary school. Students who mastered complicated concepts quickly were praised. Those who struggled were considered not that clever, if not downright stupid (yes, I’ve had teachers who called students stupid).

Where did you learn that it’s not safe to be a beginner? That you should master everything on the first try?

Wherever you learned it, your brain now thinks being a beginner is a threat – and it will pull all the stops to make you quit and go back to your comfort zone, back to the skills you’ve already developed and the work you already know how to do – even if it bores you to death.


When your brain is telling you to quit, give yourself compassion. Remind yourself that being a beginner and making mistakes are requirements to develop mastery. It doesn’t mean you’re not cut out for it. It means you’re growing. Then, pick yourself off the ground and keep going.

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Mindset Shift #3: Rewrite Your Story

Lack of confidence is your brain protecting you. From failure. From embarrassment. From criticism. From judgement. From anything you don’t want to feel.

So, it makes up stories about you that keep you stuck where you are. Do you believe you’re too shy to network or do videos? That you need to be a native English speaker to start a podcast? That you’re not pretty enough to have your own YouTube show?

The stories you tell yourself become your reality. If you don’t like your current reality, it’s time to change what you think about yourself and create a more empowering story that supports you in reaching your goals.


Grab a pen and a journal and answer these questions:

  • What limiting belief or story is holding you back from taking action towards your goals?
  • Was this story true? Is it still true now?
  • Is this limiting belief or story 100% true?
  • Question this story. Look for proof this story is NOT true.
  • Now ask yourself again, is this limiting belief or story 100% true? (Hint: if there are other possibilities, it’s NOT true).
  • How can you reframe this limiting belief or story into an empowering, positive one?
  • What actions would you take if you truly believed this empowering, positive story?

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Mindset Shift #4: Accept Your Emotions

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that building confidence is a straight, upwards line. Every single day, you’ll feel more positive, happier, more… confident.

I hate to break this to you, but that’s a lie.

Progress is never a straight, upwards line. It’s a messy process. You take two steps forwards, then four back, then you go forward again, then around in circles for a while, then you’re zig-zagging your way backwards again, and then one day you realise you’ve finally got this.

As you go through this process, you’re going to experience all the emotions. The sting of making a mistake. The joy of mastering a new skill. The disappointment of messing up something you should know by now. The doubts of whether you’re ever gonna get there. The confidence of knowing this is now second nature.


Allow yourself to feel all the emotions, even the icky ones, as they come up. Be kind to yourself and do whatever you need to do to process them. Maybe it’s journalling. Or taking a bubble bath. Or going for a walk in the park. When you allow yourself to process your emotions, they don’t last as long. And then, you can go back to taking action towards your goals.

woman reading in bed

Mindset Shift #5: Acknowledge And Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Do you ever feel like all your past achievements are flukes? Or something so simple, anyone could do?

This happens when you jump from one achievement to the other without ever taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate what you did.

Accomplishing anything takes time and effort. If you move onto the next thing as soon as you reach your goal, you’re sending a message to your brain that what you’ve just achieved isn’t important.

Here’s what your brain thinks: “Wait a minute! We worked so hard and put in all this effort to achieve this thing and now we’re there, nothing? We’re not having a party to celebrate? We’re not going on a spa break? We’re not even having a well-deserved bubble bath?! Guess it was never that important then…”

And just like that, your achievements are erased. Your brain doesn’t even register how much you’ve grown, the skills you’ve mastered, the mindset shifts you’ve made. You’ve done so much, but it feels like you’ve done nothing.


Make a list of ALL your accomplishments:

  • The good grades you’ve received at school
  • The awards and medals you’ve won
  • The job interviews you’ve passed with flying colours
  • The skills you’ve developed up until now
  • The struggles you’ve overcome
  • The goals you’ve reached
  • The relationship milestones you’ve crossed and what it took to get there
  • The foreign languages you’ve learned
  • And anything you can think of

Then, put the list somewhere you’ll see it regularly and add to it every time you accomplish a new goal.

Oh, and celebrate EVERYTHING on the list. Even if it’s just with a bubble bath or 5 minutes of “me time”. You don’t need to go broke to acknowledge yourself and your abilities.

When you’re doubting you have what it takes to build your 6+ figures business, go back to the list above.

You have achieved and are capable of more than you give yourself credit for. You can do this too.

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Wrapping It Up

Building confidence to create a thriving 6+ figures business requires a whole different mindset. Allow yourself to be a beginner, feel every emotion that comes up, celebrate your successes, rewrite your story, and start before you’re ready. Confidence is a result, not a requirement.

With love,

Giorgia x

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